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Hey All, Just came back to the game after a few years off. Trying to decide a few things after just becoming uncollected...
1)Should I keep funneling resources into 4 stars or hold off for 5 stars? I have 5 plus t4cc for every class except tech and mutant.
2)I just pulled a 5 star human torch, I have enough to take him straight to R4, I've read he's good in certain situations...Should I just pull the trigger and rank him up?
3)I want to start to progress on 5.3 but I feel like the masteries from finishing all of act 4 are more important...Which should I focus on?
4)Any tips on my roster that I might be missing?

PS. I grind a ton of arena, so I have suicides on pretty much all the time.

Thanks and appreciate it!
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    1) depends on the five stars you have
    2) I’d mess around with him a bit first too see if you like him, but yeah he’s def worth it
    3) 5.3
    4) That five star Colossus will be a pretty big help going forward, but I’d try and open Cosmic/Tech dual class five stars to help that side of your roster
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    yep I agree with the above comment.

    1) rank up decent and better 5* first (e.g. colossus, human torch). Human torch is a bit specialised, but still useful (diss track etc). after that consider some 4* if you desperately need their utility (e.g. doom, duped AA etc). That X23 when ranked up will be a cheap and easy way to clear paths (don't use specials and she will continously regen throughout the fight)

    2) rank up that torch

    3) act 5.3. Completing the next chapter is almost always better than exploring the current section you're on. i tend to go for completion rewards first, and then when you hit a barrier with roster you can always come back and explore. in saying that, i'd look at monthly quests first (UC, and possibly cav completion if possible) before doing quests that'll always be there.

    Welcome back, and good luck !
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    No gladiator hulk no reason to rank up anyone
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    Resources r going to come fast to r4 a 5*, rank up whatever your best champ is right now, and yes HT is worth taking to r4, I would not hesitate on that
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    Thanks for the comments guys. I plan on taking colossus (when I get more t4cc) and human torch up (happy the rank up event is today) , but my other 5 stars are currently spiderman OG, juggernaut, unstoppable colossus, blue cyclops, Ragnorok hulk (all unawakened). I have messed around with hulk a bit, but his damage seems pretty low, so not sure I want to take him up. I might be missing something with him...might check out a guide when I get home tonight. Anything special about him?

    I have hyp, ghost, and blade that I just pulled the last week as 4 stars (all unawakened). I assume they are still a good choice to level up since the rest of my 5 stars seem meh? I have a 4 star generic awakening gem...but am kinda hoping for a archangel. Should I just hold off for a better 4 star to awaken?

    Thanks again for all the help!
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    I’ll respond to your original questions first and then the ones in the comment you made.

    1. Still upgrade 4*s. Good 4*s will be useful for a very long time and it’s only worth it to move on to 5*s when you pull really good ones. There’s no reason to hold all your resources waiting to pull good 5*s when you have good 4*s to rank up, for now at least.

    2. Rank up torch. I suggest taking him to rank 3 then playing around with him to see if you like him. I assume you will and in that case take him to rank 4. Tying in the first question, when you get good 5*s, like torch or colossus that you have now, they should be the rank up priority but that’s the only case to save resources for 5*s instead of 4*s until your 5* roster grows.

    3. My suggestion is to try to get as far in act 5 as you can and when you get stuck, go back and explore act 4. My outlook on completion of the next content vs exploration of what you just did is always try for completion of the next content and if you can’t, go back and explore what you previously completed so that both you and your roster can get better.

    4. learn ghost. She’ll help you all through act 5 even as a 4* but also in the tech variant (V3) when you get there eventually. Along those same lines, make sure you rank up venom and gladiator hulk at some point. They’re really useful for multiple variants even with venom being a 4*.

    Now moving on to your comment. Hulk rags (also known as gladiator hulk or ghulk) is know for his face me ability. This ability makes it so that when he takes passive damage he heals some of the damage being done and has some attacking benefits. This included abilities like magik’s limbo, dormammu’s degen, and nodes like starburst. (For reference there is a whole chapter in act 4 that has the starburst node and he’ll help you so much when you need to explore it.) There’s also a chapter in the XL variant (v2) that has a buff for him and he is specifically built to counter. His damage isn’t wonderful but at higher ranks it’s definitely not bad. Just to let you know, I still use my 4* now and I’m cav. Lastly, I suggest ranking up 4* blade, ghost, and hyp as you mentioned. They’ll all help you currently. About the awakening gem, I would suggest you use it on either ghost (preferably) or hyp. You could wait for AA but you have no guarantee of pulling him soon and both of those champions sig abilities would help you greatly now. If you learn ghost and like her, her awakened ability makes her rotation run a lot smoother and makes fights finish quicker. If you don’t particularly like her or like hyp better, his awakened ability is really useful for extending his buffs. You can’t go wrong with either.

    Sorry this ended up getting so long. If you have anymore questions or questions about what I’ve written, tag me and I’ll be happy to respond.
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