Gold 1/2 SG alliance looking for 1

Hi, we are a gold 1/2 SG based alliance looking for 1 person to replace a member who just left. Needs to be very active in AQ and AW, MUST use whatsapp for communication, communicates well with the alliance, be close to GMT +8 and rating at least 850k to have a good pool of champs to work with. A more comprehensive briefing will be provided once whatsapp communication is established.
Please contact for more info.


  • EnzohideEnzohide Posts: 2
    Hi there I am from SG, however not able to use WhatsApp for gaming purposes, let me know if ok to join?

    I am very active calvalier player - Nick: Enzohide

  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,294 ★★★★
    Sorry man, need whatsapp to coordinate movement with members.
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