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One of my Alliance mates has just completed his first path of Abyss. He did not get the t5cc he wanted though. Actually got t5cc for the only class he didn't want (how ironic). He really wants thronebreaker bad, but is very hesitant on pulling the trigger on either Mysterio or Punisher99. He's leaning more towards Mysterio. I told him I like both for r3 actually. Personally think mysterio would be worth it but thats my opinion. What do you guys think?

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    Im planning on r3ing mine soon. My 9th r3 i think.
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    I think he doesn't have alot of experience using either one and that's why he's hesitant.
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    I think both champs are underrated but mysterio more so. Having a champion that can consistently deal poison damage is actually really good utiltiy in some late game content especially because very few champs deal a lot of poison damage. He also has quite a few synergies I don't think people are really aware of that gives him lots of little bits of utility. He can become immmune to reverse controls which is great for a few paths late in act 6 and the grandmaster fight, he's at base an evade counter against spider verse champs but with silver surfer this extends to all hero champs. His damage is also really solid in general
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    Mysterio is super fun to play and has a lot of good utility
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