What is your Favorite synergy team for Hype?

RiptideRiptide Posts: 1,332 ★★★★


  • RiptideRiptide Posts: 1,332 ★★★★
    The Mr F synergy pauses buffs for .2 seconds a hit. This combined with 10% extra ability accuracy lets him Keep lots of furies
  • GarrettNGarrettN Posts: 400 ★★★
    Check out nick fury and captain marvel’s synergy. The increased duration of furies plus a high sig level makes Hyperion able to maintain his attack easily.
  • GagoHGagoH Posts: 1,659 ★★★★
    Hype doesn’t need synergies but at the same time hes one of the oldest champs to yet still not have any unique synergies . I hope we get to see some in the future
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 6,975 ★★★★★
    The best team I've come up with is Hype Quake Hawkeye CAIW and OG Thor. Aside from having 3 bangers of champions already and two that can at least hold their own, you get +15% AA, and +20% cosmic buff duration for a greater number of longer furies.
  • swmcswswmcsw Posts: 184
    I've used the 3 black bolts and Ronan team before, furies last forever. I'm sure now days cmm, fury caiw and og Thor would work just as well.
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