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Hit-Monkey players how often do you use him and how useful he is?

Warlord5386Warlord5386 Posts: 232 ★★
Recently got a 6* Hit monkey. My only skill R5 is an Aegon so pretty tempted to Rank him up. Mention his utility and weakness as a character.


  • Warlord5386Warlord5386 Posts: 232 ★★
    Thank You!
  • JPeanutsJPeanuts Posts: 30
    i've just pulled him as a 5*. can i hang around for the info?..
  • StoNerdStoNerd Posts: 172
    He got good dmg and cool bleeds. His got a bit of utility mainly evade counter, debuff shrug off, guaranteed crits on sp2 if timed right. Although I never ranked him up as I got nick, molegod, massacre who can do everything he can but better. I personally don't like him due to his low healthpool and already got good skills. But a 6* is good to have but I won't take him to r2 if I have better options.
  • bruhmomento69bruhmomento69 Posts: 150
    I got molegod, he is a competitor to mole god. I use monke a lot, he's very easy to use for interception so that allows me to not parry too much while using him and taking chip block damage. I personally love his crits and sp2 is great, time it well. Combo for him is MLM which basically counters mix master. His primal rage allows you to ignore resist, get vigilance and unblockable after hitting into the opponent's block for his sp1, don't worry its safe since his sp1 would become unblockable. Also his primal can purify debuffs, I used him for 6.1.5 xbones. As a 5* 4/55 he is amazing imo. His crit bleeds and bleeds, in general, are great. His sp3 also gives off a very potent and long cruelty buff as well. His assasin cunning is great, alows you to get crit bleeds and a 70% evade rate. He's also a very good evade counter. His primal can also apply a disorient, which is at a 45% rate. Also he has a great snergy that improves his damagae further with spidey and rocket the raccoon. He's also amazing against mercenaries and his sg is great for prestige and is also pretty great. Overall I love monke, no need for his sig and a overall amazing champ.
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