Odin - Important Update


Prior to Odin’s Crystal and Arena release, we are adjusting his kit to ensure fair gameplay. Today, we are removing the ability to stack multiples of the same Buff from Odin’s Pre-Fight abilities on a single Champion, bringing his abilities more in line with Champions like Magneto (House of X).

We understand that some of our Summoners purchased these bundles for Odin’s Support Abilities. To make this right for everybody that purchased the Odin Preview Bundles, and all Summoners that receive Odin from his Crystals, Arenas, and into the future, we are committing to a few things:
  • Summoners who purchased any Odin Preview Bundles or Crystals from the Black ISO Market will receive the equivalent number of crystals for our next Featured Champion next month. This may occur after that Champion’s Preview bundle has been released.
  • We are committing to a Tuning Buff for Odin quicker than we normally have in the past. We understand that this change does affect Odin’s performance as a Support Champion, and while we want to maintain his status as a Support Champion, we also want to compensate for this change by giving him more Power in his base abilities. This should be completed for our May release.
We will continue to keep a keen eye on Odin, and his synergies/pre-fight abilities.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation.
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