Game extra laggy post v15.1.2 and latest maintenance break!

Not sure if it's only me, but the game seems super laggy and unplayable post v15.1.2 and latest maintenance break.
- My champs are just standing there and getting hit in the face! Happened with me in arena, AQ and monthly quest (master mode).
- I keep hitting the button to fire SP3 to finish off opponent, but it doesn't trigger and AI fires it's SP taking good health out.
- AA vs MK in 3* arena, and failed to parry in starting due to lag. After that MK kept stunning and bleeding out my AA with every of his combo not giving me 1 chance to attack!
- Attempted defeating Morningstar (3.1), and sensibly took bleed immune champs. And 3 of them were KO'ed because they just decided not to listen to my commands. Now I gotta waste my revives/potions to finish her off.

I tried on Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy tab S2, but same situation on both. What the hell is happening?
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