Skill 6 star to r3

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Who to rank 3? Sig 20 Elsa or Falcon? (I don't run suicides, I am already Thronebreaker). I have to say that i have Falcon at 1 25 and he seems underwhelming but i know a lot of people love him. I also don't have any skill awakening gems or a lot of sigs (only have about 20 skill and 40 generics).

Skill 6 star to r3 13 votes

R3 Elsa Bloodstone (Sig 20)
Bpn88855Gr8TonyStark 2 votes
R3 Falcon (unawakened)
TheJalliPP85RockypantherxEtjamaQfuryZan0Batman_bruce31 7 votes
Keep the catalyst for the future.
ddomStoNerdWooptyfrickendooMolemanisbestchamp 4 votes


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    Keep the catalyst for the future.
    I wouldn't r3 falcon unduped. However if you love elsa, you can rank her up or save the t5cc for someone else.
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