Crossbones and HTD Quest Changes


With the upcoming changes to Howard the Duck and Crossbones, we will be making the following adjustments to content in Acts 5 and 6 to ensure we maintain a relatively similar level of difficulty and to ensure the buffs still make sense with the updated kit.

Howard the Duck:
5.1.2 - Removed Recovery node, as it no longer has an effect.
5.4.5 - Removed Buff Duration.

6.1.5 - Replaced the Vigor Buff with Arc Overload 2.0. Changed a Link Node buff from Bane 2 to Bane 1.
6.3.5 - Swapped Crossbones for Squirrel Girl.
6.4.6 - Swapped Crossbones for Squirrel Girl.

These changes will come into effect later today.
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