Help me plan for 6.3.1

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The boss should be fairly easy with NF and AA. I’m thinking doom for the black bolt mini.

But I’m stuck on what path to take. The easy one is supposed to be B2, but my roster is really low on bio hazard counters. I can only parry style quake.

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    I thought the delirium path was easiest, but had two robots plus quake. Once you get into the corner, you can play quake parry style and not worry about reverse controls.

    You do have Aegon (and potentially rank up KP?). Could take on CSWS with those guys. Plus, there is a mystic boost for that lane - Cyttorak's Bargain. So you could use Doom and SS?
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    I’ll try the delirium path with NF, AA, Doom, Quake and Sentinel! Thanks!
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