Looking for members or merge

Looking for active players or merge we’re aq focused war optional aiming for 130 million aq and gold 3 aw we have a range of players from boss killers to foot soldiers room to grow and improve very chill ally from all over the world


  • AznBaneAznBane Posts: 206
    How many members do you have?
  • Jackson1167Jackson1167 Posts: 45
    I have around 20 active some high some low what did u have in mind
  • Ary_BeastAry_Beast Posts: 109
    Hey @Jackson1167 We are at around the same spot, with around 20 active members as well. We have to cut off some weight, but we can have space for you guys!
    Add me In-Game: AryBEEST
    LINE: Zenfighter360
    We may be able to work something out
  • DeaaaaaathDeaaaaaath Posts: 10
    Jackson still looking add me deaaath in line
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