Rank 4* duped Hulk or hold T4CC for 5*?

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I am within 2000 shards of a third science T4CC. Do I use it on my 4* duped Hulk or save the resources to see if I get a good science 5*? Ignore any alliance content considerations.

I am sitting on 13k 5* shards and with the shards I'll get from my imminent 100% completion of Act 4 I have a pretty good shot at having 2 5* crystals when November rolls in (hoping for Hyperion).

Does the small chance at a good science 5* outweigh the immediate benefit of a 5/50 Hulk?

Rank 4* duped Hulk or hold T4CC for 5*? 30 votes

Rank Hulk now
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Wait for 5* champ
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    Wait for 5* champ
    Wait. Soon you'll need all the 5* you can get when 6* come out
  • Rank Hulk now
    I think it depends on how many 5* you have and how often you get 5* crystals. I might be on the same page here with you. I'm finally getting my third class catalysts and wondering if i should rank up my 4* champs to 5/50 or my 5* to 3/45. Since my only duped 5* is Captain Marvel, i ranked her to 3/45, but my other five 5*'s are unduped (Spiderman, Venom, Storm, Unstopabble Colossus and Kamala Khan), so i don't think they are worth it (yet). You could wait but it depends on how good you're doing so far with 4*'s 4/40 and how demanding is your alliance.
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    I think it depends who you have for a 5* right now. For me personally I have enough maxed 4*s and now I’m working on 5*s.
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    Rank Hulk now
    4* hulk WRECKED the collector for me! A very amazing champion for end-game content thanks to the fact his DPS is HUGE after a fight or 2 and generally playing safe you can get by most enemies without a hassle
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