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LF active and nice members who use Line, AW Gold 3 / Silver 1, AQ 6/5-5-4 160-190 million milestone

Hi guys,

We are a friendly, international, fun, organized and very active Alliance, looking for new members to keep growing with us, minimum rating 400k required. One of our whales is retiring and he is taking the 4 accounts he controls with him. We are looking for replacements who enjoy the game as much as we do who want to join us after season rewards are out.

In AQ, we do maps 6-5-4 for days 1 and 2 and 5-5-4 for the remaining days, reaching between 160 and 190 million points. We adapt to people's work/life-schedules, and downgrade if people are busy. During AW season we fill 2 BGs at the moment. If there's enough people interested in AW, we'll go back to doing 3 BGs. During off-season we start AW with 1 BG to give people who want it a break. We have been Gold 3 and are currently in Silver 1, with good chances at making it back to Gold 3.
Participation in AQ is required and AW is voluntary, but mandatory if you volunteered at the beginning of the season.
Also mandatory: using Line to coordinate.

Join us and let's reap those juicy rewards together!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Hit me up!
Line-ID: kristina.k.
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