Android Users unable to Login - 5* Awakening Gem and we'll forget it ever happened.

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It's been roughly 4+ Hours since Android users have been unable to login. For My Roster, that's 800K points lost and I really want Voodoo.. As do a lot of other Android users I'm sure. Once this issue is fixed, unless there's no intention of it getting fixed, please Kabam.. Find a way to make the game fair. This game is unfair, it has always been for Android users.. We didn't mind but honestly this is taking it to a whole new level. Either you guys make the game fair for Android users or just give us a free 5* Awakening gem and we'll forget this ****. I know I will.. I think.


  • This is not good a good solution​ I guess.many of android users also didn't played in this arena or war.

    Check this..
    I think this is optimum solution
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    And a lot of Android users also played it as well. True my solution is far from "Optimum". 5*Awakening Gems are rare as hell but missing hours of gameplay and it's not your fault as a player but rather the dev's fault is simply unacceptable. That aside, it's not only the Doc Voodoo/SL arena grinding we're all going lose out on, what about people who can't play Master Mode or AW because of this? So yes.. I think a 5* Awakening gem (or a huge improvement in Android version of the game) is certainly worth it. Either way we need to be compensated.
  • No se puede seguir asi mas aya del personaje de las arenas que nunka obtenemos recompensa por sus errores la guerra que esta en curso que pasara soluciones kabam!!
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    I can't login my game i reinstall the game but it's showing unable logging please make ...
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    Zokker said:

    I can't login my game i reinstall the game but it's showing unable logging please make ...

    Works fine for me, just try again later lol
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