Kicked from side quest

ReignkingTWReignkingTW Posts: 578 ★★★
Today, I was in the side quest, which of course had the best rewards I had seen.

At 1:00 EST, I was in the middle of it, when it said it was complete and logged me out...however I could still get back in. Whew!

Now, hours later, it's gone, I've been logged out and lost what were great rewards. This wasn't mentioned in the most recent notice.

Bug or working as intended?


  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,338 ★★★★★
    Wait so I just want to understand the time of events here. When did you enter the side quest? When did it say it was complete? When did you notice that it was gone?
  • ReignkingTWReignkingTW Posts: 578 ★★★
    Started around noon. At 1 pm, received message in the side quest that it was completed, and was exited. I was able to re-enter, to my surprise, but hours later I wasn't able to.
  • BowmanCoreBowmanCore Posts: 4
    Just happened to me too. There’s no way that should be “intended” because there’s no indication of a timer
  • ReignkingTWReignkingTW Posts: 578 ★★★
    Of course, this was my best one. I missed 3 5s and 2 t2bs. Luckily I got the 6s.
  • Just happened to me too. There’s no way that should be “intended” because there’s no indication of a timer

    Reminder for every day, towards 1pm US-EST.
    There is a TIMER clearly visible on the main Fight Panels screen, since the Side Quest resets every day at that time.

    Do not still be inside a running Side Quest at that time, else “bad” things happen.

    Some other side events like Labs, Rifts, etc, have also had this hard-reset time every day (for cases if you are stuck on a particularly hard opponent, they will reset/reroll for next days attempts) and same thing happened in those months as well.

  • ReignkingTWReignkingTW Posts: 578 ★★★
    SummonerNR -- I 100% agree with you, so when it timed out, I felt like an idiot. The odd thing was that I was actually able to continue -- but then I couldn't a few hours later.
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