Looking for a few replacements. Discord req. AQ Map 6 & 5, top 800. AW Gold 1, low stress.

[T+S+P] The Shadow Power
A Drama Free Alliance
We are an experienced and stable alliance with members in 7 countries and 8 timezones across North America and Europe. We are currently AQ focused.

Alliance Prestige: 10,800
Alliance Rating: 46M
AQ 300M Milestone - Top800
We run mixed AQ: 6x5, 66555, 5x5.
Reduced AW Focus, Gold 1 and tier 5/6, running 3 BGs AW
AW Rating 1600

Must be based in an Americas / Europe timezone
10k+ Prestige
Must be active, dependable and willing to communicate via Discord

Alliance founded: 2016-02-12
Join server

Contact if interested:
IGN: cur53d
LineID: cur53d
Discord: cur53d#0502


  • cur53dcur53d Posts: 189
    Looking for a few more
  • dhmtdhmt Posts: 5
    My prestige is just under 9k. I know it’s low but if your alliance is happy to take me in illl stay loyal to it and do my best in every war
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