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Worst side event ever..!

I'm not sure who designed this month's side event but after playing for 5+ year's I can honestly say it's the worst I've played.
Rewards are awful, very time consuming and the various nodes are nothing more than irritating with very little enjoyment.
Add to the mix the various bug's and Kabam constantly changing the goalposts with no notification I'm sure they are trying to get rid of player's rather than encourage them.
Same old same old...


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    Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 7,273 ★★★★★
    Been fine for me. Not that I’m a fan of the design, but I’ve gotten decent rewards. One day was a big oof but the others have been decent.
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    SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 2,652 ★★★★★
    I appreciate your opinion, but you use the phrase “same old, same old”..... while making a new thread to discuss something that has already had a literal TON of threads already of very similar opinions and arguments.

    Personally, I’ve been playing since the beginning, and I don’t mind it. Some of the node combos are fun, I liked the layout and method of being able to pick your rewards if you couldn’t get all of them, and the structure of the objectives is pretty cool. To each his own.
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    BerjibsBerjibs Posts: 1,523 ★★★★
    edited April 2021
    Yeah it’s fine if you ask me the fights are the ok and over the month I’m sure the rewards will level out to be ok.

    Looking at minimum 20% T5cc, featured 5*, prob close to another 5*, chunk of6* shards, a decent chunk of gold probs 1m, 5* ag, rank up mats what more do you want?

    I guess you can argue you’re missing 4* shards from lower difficulties but there’s a very easy chunk of T5cc there.
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    Draconic_12Draconic_12 Posts: 997 ★★★★★
    its been great other than that one day where I got all gold and nothing else
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    Raichu626Raichu626 Posts: 934 ★★★★
    This year alone we had a significantly worse sq with Jubilee's arcade. It gave a lot of 6* shards, but basically nothing else. You had to chose one single type of item, and that was all you'd get. Lots of it, sure, but nothing else
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    IronGladiator22IronGladiator22 Posts: 1,645 ★★★★
    While I don’t like this side quest either, let’s not go attacking people at kabam. Keep the criticism constructive
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    CrcrcrcCrcrcrc Posts: 7,943 ★★★★★
    This sq is fine. I wish MTI never happened, it’s made the community insufferable lately
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    KerneasKerneas Posts: 3,778 ★★★★★
    I think first Modok lab type of event was way worse
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    GildenlowGildenlow Posts: 691 ★★★
    I think people wants to see xxxx 6 stars shards tl consider a good event.

    This one is rng but so far I won like 1800 6 stars shards and that's just fine.
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    ChaosMax1012ChaosMax1012 Posts: 3,100 ★★★★★
    Kerneas said:

    I think first Modok lab type of event was way worse

    Yeah people exaggerate the RNG a little. Least you’re guaranteed 10% of a t5cc
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    Jedi_HawkeJedi_Hawke Posts: 955 ★★★
    edited April 2021
    There’s nothing wrong with not enjoying every piece of content that’s put out.
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