Vulture tune up concept

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I know that we're seeing a lot more tune-ups than reworks, which is perfectly fine, so with that in mind I thought of a quick and easy update to Vulture that could both increase his damage, help with some of his utility and already works with his current kit.

The basic concept revolves around doubling his chitauri energy as well as adding a permanent Fury buff that is gained at 200 charges with a base increase in attack for as long as the buff is active. Along with that one of the important things of vultures Wing pack is the ability to absorb incineration damage. One of the key points in homecoming was updating Vultures pack with a high-altitude seal to help with the cold so I'm thinking he could have a resistance (if not even a base immunity) to cold snap. Along a minor bleed debuff with every successful combo and I feel like we have taken someone who's got some useful utility and really updated the damage without going game-breaking. I'm sure there's some other thoughts as well including doing something with his helmet to update its targeting systems and reduce ability accuracy reduction but I didn't feel like breaking down the actual numbers on that one but I'm sure somebody else could help on that. Anyway just wanted to throw that out there and tell me what you think.
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