Neat Monthly Idea

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What if instead of the everyday grind for small resources that add up eventually or a quest that unlocks one week at a time the side quest is a month long Boss Rush! Maybe add one quest every half week that has a boss for players to decimate. This boss could either be alone or add mini bosses with grandmaster like nodes to add variety with nodes and exploration rewards to the fight. What the game hasn’t had in a while is something like Summoner Showdown. Taking 0 energy and not having more then three fights per path seems more fun to me then a bunch of dull fights in a long path every day.

It could work and I think Kabam could make 10is bosses for a monthly side event (one for every three days). If 10 is a lot maybe lower the new boss reset to once a week. This would mean only 4-5 bosses which would still be fun!

The main reason is many summoners don’t want a long grind but a short challenge. I think this is a good idea to implement into the game. Thanks for listening to the post. :)


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    That would be a lot of work tbh. Having to add different nodes and defenders, making it balanced fights, rewards wouldn’t even be good because they would come in small portions.

    Interesting idea I just don’t think it would work
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