We are currently working to fix a known issue regarding Alliance Prestige. With the introduction of Relics, Summoner Prestige is now the average PI of your Top 5 Champions and the average PI of your Top 5 Relics (regardless of which Champion they are attached to) combined.

Today we pushed a fix that will allow for proper reward calculations in Alliance Quests. However, the display for Alliance Prestige will not be accurate and does not include Relic Prestige. This is a display issue only.

Non-Regen Opponent Healing From Special Attacks

Was playing story mode on second account fighting the OG Spiderman from the Groot level in Act 4 with Hyperion. Hit Spiderman with an sp2, and he regained health during the animation. It didn't tick green like a regen, but his health went back up like the special did inverse damage or something similar to Magik's Limbo.

Have also noticed this occasionally on the main account but this was the first time I was positive of what I saw and I know that spidey doesn't have the capability or node that would allow him to regain health like that. Have seen it occasionally in arena on the main account.

This was happening prior to the new update, but I don't think it predates v15. Has anyone else seen this happen???
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