How does the Cosmic Judgement work in CGR'S kit? (Doubt from a new CGR player)

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Firstly, pardon me if any of the following is going to be total nonsense, I am really super happy about finally having this guy, and now I really wish to know everything about him. I checked out for guides, read through his abilities, and found this part really confusing.

[NOTE: The major reason of the discussion is I wish to know how the judgement affects the duration of buffs.]

"Each judgement placed on the opponent increases the duration of any buff triggered on Cosmic ghost rider by 20%. While you have 5 judgements in place, this bonus is doubled."

Let me give a practical situation along, so that we don't need to do a lot of processing (but forgive the long texts).

Now, I'm using CGR. I use the MLLLM and get the VIGILANCE buff on me, and place the corresponding judgement on him.
I later DEX, further giving the JUDGEMENT from the precision (of Dex). We now use a SP1, thus, the opponent has 4 judgements now. (2 from earlier, 2 from the SP1 now). We further climb to the SP3 now. We have the opponent in the corner, and he's less than a bar of power, and we start spamming heavies. Since we have reached 5 judgements, power lock/Damnation ticks down, and we spam until it ends. After it's expiry, now we are using the SP3, with 5 armor breaks and one judgement (from the heavy).

After the SP3, we have 3 Judgements on the opponent now (from aptitude, fury and cruelty respectively) and now we go for the MLLLM combo once again. Now, we have 4 judgements and now, we use the MLLLL combo, and get the power gain. Would the power gain buff have increased duration, impacted by 4 judgements, or 5, including the one it applies itself? (DOUBT 1)

Let's say, after the MLLLM combo, We get hit for the armor and then use the MLLLL combo (opponent will have 5 judgements then). Will the duration of the buff increase by 200%, as it was mentioned the bonus "doubles" when there are 5 of them?

Now, assuming it gives 200% duration, it is supposed to give an extra of 2.50 seconds duration to the power gain buff, and thus giving 75% of the total power. But, does it really last that long? For having done a combo, and getting hit to get the armor-up buff, and almost 4 hits after hit (ALL BEFORE ACTIVATING THE POWER GAIN BUFF), won't we get even a 25% of power? I pretty much think it would be close to a bar of power now. If following the above, we must be able to use an SP3, but I think I don't reach up to it.

I might be wrong guys, totally wrong, but please help me.
If it works properly, we might be able to get more than 2 furies, resulting MASSIVE damage in long fights, and just the use of SP3's might be enough to dish out huge numbers, probably an sp2 to make stuff more crazier...


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