First 6* r3!!!

As soon as I kill the grandmaster (fingers crossed) I'll be able to rank a mutant to r3.
I have massacre at r4 and rhulk 6*unduped for synergy. Only domino is duped.

Any recomended video for the grandmaster??

Thank you guys!

First 6* r3!!! 58 votes

Domino (duped)
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Omega red
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Storm X
AnthinhoRockypantherxKingSamDaMan 3 votes
DemonzfyreBerjibs 2 votes
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  • Naus79_Naus79_ Posts: 78
    Looks like it will be domino! Now let's see the grandmaster!
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,584 ★★★★★
    Omega red
    Oh omega is unduped, havok for sure then
  • Naus79_Naus79_ Posts: 78
    Yes, no suicides and the only duped is domino!
  • Fear_of_Clowns2099Fear_of_Clowns2099 Posts: 892 ★★★
    Havok all the way. imo
  • Dawnbringer_1Dawnbringer_1 Posts: 254 ★★
    edited May 2021
    Domino (duped)
    This depends what on you roster tbh, if u have a Apocalypse you could argue any mutant, storm and cable especially benefit from him, love my R3 cable
  • Naus79_Naus79_ Posts: 78
    No Apocalypse unfortunately :(

    Havok all the way. imo

    Why is that?
  • Naus79_Naus79_ Posts: 78
    Havok has been a recent pull and I'm not very familiar with him.
    Domino is very rng dependant, but her damage output and the 15% AAR is quite helpful, and she has also de rhulk/massacre synergy.
    Havok has also a huge damage output, excels against energy based attacks, and does not need any synergy.
    Am I missing something else?
  • AssumedNameAssumedName Posts: 556 ★★★
    Can I just kindly advise NOT ranking domino.

    I feel like it’s a rank up you’ll make and realise you’ll barely use her, except for easier stuff most champs can deal with.

    KT1 for example regrets taking his domino up because he’s barely used her.

    Havok has reliable and better utility.
  • FlyGalaxyBombFlyGalaxyBomb Posts: 772 ★★★
    Question is... do u have apoc :open_mouth:
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