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So, I'm trying to understand this.. What is the point of taking 2 energies away at the start of WAR, when you haven't even moved yet. That doesn't make no sense at all. I mean you are basically taking 2 energies for no reason, in my opinion. I think when you enter WAR for the first time, you shouldn't lose 2 energies, specially if you haven't moved at all. I mean, those 2 energies could help out alot instead just moving 3 spots and waiting for all your energies again. That's pointless. This has to be fixed. It has to be like AQ, where everyone starts with a full set of energies, and not 3.


  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 12,041 ★★★★★
    You don't start AQ with full energy, you start with 4. You may have full energy by the time you join but everyone starts with 4. I'm AW it's 3. Never in the history of AW or AQ has anyone ever started with full energy.

    You may see your energy as full when neither AQ or AW is going on but that's just showing from the last round or match. Every new AQ day or war match you start with the correct amount of 3 and 4.
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 6,067 Guardian
    Demonzfrye is correct (you are not “Losing” energy).

    Just to add to that, the alliance as a whole starts with 4 (of 6 Max) energy in AQ, and 3 (of 5 Max) in AW, as of the moment that officers startup that day's AQ (or the AW Attack phase begins).

    And, whether you join in your BG right away or not, everyone's “starting” energy begins to countdown to your next energy (although until you actually join the BG attack, you will not actually see that initial 4 or 3 energy timer and it's counting down, but it is indeed actually starting to countdown in the background even before you join your BG).

    And so say you join BG after 45 mins AQ, or 60 min AW, you will have counted down to starting with 5 (AQ) or 4 (AW), instead of the initial 4 or 3.

    And if you wait say for 2 hours before joining, you will then start with your Max Energy of 6 or 5 (because you were building up those last couple energies while you were procrastinating and not joining right away).
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