Thor Tune-Up

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Thor: The God of Thunder (5/65)
This won't restore Thor to his pre-12.0 glory, but I'd love him to get a Tune-Up with a bit of ability expansion like Angela did. This would probably fall into the category of a moderate rework; but not an overhaul: he's still largely the same champion. I've put this in the semi-official Champion Improvement Thread; but even the moderators seem to have given up on pointing people towards that; so I thought I'd create a thread and put it here, too. Maybe it'll get some likes, or some disagrees, or inspire someone else to write their own version.

Currently, Thor is boring, if surprisingly effective (in his own limited way) at inflicting damage. At least when he's Awakened: Parry, combo. Parry, combo. Parry, combo.

That's part of the problem, though: There's no challenge and no versatility, no complexity to his playstyle. To inflict anything more than the most mediocre damage, he's totally dependent on stunning the opponent. He has no other way of breaking anyone's armour if he isn't Awakened (which seems crazy, looking at champions like Medusa or Cull Obsidian!), and if they're immune to stun or Armour Break, he's completely neutered. Thor's basic Fury is fairly mild (30% of overall attack), although the up-time isn't too bad in longer fights. The Fury from his Sig is pitiful: it grants him barely +10% Attack.

This (moderate) rework is intended to make Thor a bit more interesting than he currently is; and I've tried to give him an ability to cause damage that isn't almost totally dependent on Armour Break (thus requiring you to adopt a Parry-Parry-Parry playstyle, whilst Awakened with high Sig). He might well end up doing a bit less damage than he does now at max Sig; however, I'm hoping he should be able to be effective even if the opponent is stun-immune, and/or armour-break immune. He'll have a few more buffs going on, as befits a cosmic champion; and uses a few abilities like Shock that simply didn't exist at the beginning of the game. I've also tried to incorporate a Fury ability more suited to someone known for fits of 'Warrior's Madness'. Hopefully it all adds up to a champion a bit more interesting to play with than he currently is...

Thor: The God of Thunder (5/65)

Attack 2482
Health 34,751

Passive: God of Thunder

Asgardian resilience grants Thor a permanent +600 Physical Resistance buff.
As the God of Thunder, Thor has 80% Shock Resistance. Additionally, when Shocked, Thor passively gains +858 Attack.

Passive: Mjolnir
Heavy Attacks have a 70% chance to Armour break (450 break for eight seconds) rising to 100% chance if the Attack is charged for 0.8 seconds.
When Thor unleashes "That which smashes", Mjolnir tears his opponents apart. When he would inflict Armour break, his opponent additionally suffers a proportionate burst of Direct Physical damage (1* damage per point of Armour Break), which increases with Thor's modified Attack rating.
If the opponent resists the Armour Break due to an Immunity, this burst damage is increased by 50%.
*Damage rises with rank: 0.2 at R1, 0.4 at R2, etc. It will be boosted proportionately by any buffs, nodes or synergies that increase Thor's Attack rating.

All Attacks
12% chance to trigger Fury (+1228 Attack for 6.5 seconds).
Armour break durations increase by 30% whilst Thor has a Fury buff.

Special Attacks
  • SP1 - This Lighting Bolt causes a burst of Shock Damage equal to 90% of the Damage inflicted. If the opponent takes shock damage, they have a 70% chance to be Stunned for 2.5 seconds. Against #Metal opponents, this attack gains +850 Critical Rating and Critical Damage Modifier, and has +30% Stun chance and duration
  • SP2 - The second hit of this attack has 100% chance to inflict Armour Break (950 break for twelve seconds) and a 70% chance to inflict a Trauma debuff for five seconds (all hits on a Traumatized opponent inflict an additional 30% burst Physical damage).
  • SP3 - This attack removes all Armour Up effects from the opponent, and has 100% chance to inflict Armour Break (1800 break for fifteen seconds)
    90% chance to Stun for 3 seconds.
    If the opponent is not a Mystic, this attack also removes any Unstoppable effects from the opponent.
I'm borrowing the 'Armour Pulverised' ability from CMM's Heavy-Intercept, here. It'll allow him some ability to manage armour-heavy opponents who are immune to Armour break (like Colossus), or who are immune to debuffs. Also, my feeling is that being hit by Thor's supposedly devastating SP3 really should 'stop' an opponent like Thing or Kingpin; but that it specifically shouldn't work against old nemeses like Juggernaut

Warrior's Madness:
If Thor goes fifteen seconds without landing a hit, he gains a Madness buff for eight seconds, granting +1842 Attack, +440 Armour and Block penetration, and +25% Offensive power gain. When it triggers, he also gains an Unstoppable buff lasting 2s. Madness has all the properties of a Fury buff, for the purposes of abilities that interact with Fury. Thor cannot trigger additional Fury effects during Warrior's Madness.
Warrior's Madness cannot be prevented with ability accuracy reduction. The timer restarts after Thor's Madness ends.
Largely a defensive ability, at least till he's Awakened, this is very much in keeping with Thor's comics character; and may help Thor a bit if he's defending a node.

Signature Ability:
  • Potency of Fury effects rises by up to 75%.
  • Potency of Armour Break effects rises by up to 150%.
  • When he is stunned, Thor triggers his personal Fury ability when the stun expires. This has a 30% chance to trigger Warrior's Madness instead. Cooldown fifteen seconds.
Aside from the 'Believer' synergy with P2099, these are new unique synergies for Thor. Synergies carried by other champions are unchanged.
Loki: Brothers in arms
  • Thor: Thor has little patience with magicians. When facing a Mystic opponent, Fury buffs gain +50% Ability Accuracy and Duration, and can't be Nullified.
  • Loki: duration of Curse is increased by 30%.
Hela/Angela/Thor (Ragnarok) - Sibling Rivalry
  • Thor: Thor's SP1 inflicts 40% more Shock damage.
  • Angela: Angela's regeneration buffs recover the same health, but their duration is reduced by 50%
  • Hela: When afflicted with a Degeneration buff or passive effect, Hela has an 90% chance to activate a Stasis buff for five seconds, preventing damage over time effects from causing any damage, but also preventing Hela from gaining health through any means. Each time it activates, the chance to activate again falls by a flat 10%. Once it fails to activate by chance, it will not activate again during a given fight.
  • Thor (Ragnarok): Heavy Attacks have a 60% chance to inflict Shock, dealing 60% of Attack over seven seconds. Chance rises to 90% during Boon of the Gods and Thunder God's Wrath

Heimdall - Warriors of Asgard
  • Thor: Once per fight, Thor can call on Heimdall's guidance by dashing back and holding block for 2.0s. Heimdall will intervene, and grant him a Vigilance buff lasting ten seconds.
  • Heimdall: Heimdall triggers a Precision buff at the start of the fight, granting +600 Critical Rating for ten seconds.

Odin: Father and Son
  • Thor: Start the fight with a Regeneration buff which recovers 10% health over five seconds at the start of the fight
  • Odin: Start the fight with two Odinforce charges

Punisher 2099 (synergy carried by P2099): Believer
  • Thor: Any time Thor triggers a Fury buff, he has a 30% chance to recover 2% of his Missing health
  • Punisher 2099: Regeneration gains +15% potency, and can be re-triggered after a 60-second Cooldown


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    edited May 2021
    I read this concept in your other thread, there's a good potential here, one of the things I was going to say was what if on the special 3 you include an armored shatter, that way it really adds on to the damage and you don't have to worry about them gaining armor anytime soon. Also Aptitude seems to be a more commonplace buff with cosmics, so why not add an (non stacking) aptitude whenever Thor gets 3 armor breaks on the opponent and the final thought was making shocks more prevalent either through a successful combo or on top of every special with a small percentage to stack. That way it's not overpowered but it definitely gives him more options for damage without the standard stun and heavy.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,116 ★★★★★
    edited May 2021
    Thanks @Shadowstrike. I primarily avoided Armour Shattered, mainly to keep that as a rare bit of utility reserved for Medusa/Aarkus.

    Secondly, opponents who are immune to Armour Break are usually immune to Armour Shattered as well. Colossus is immune to armour break/armour shattered by non-tech champs, but his armour can be pulverised by CMM. This Thor would be able to do the same.

    Also: passive armour is a thing, and Armour Shattered doesn't stop it; so you get situations like you can break the armour of Killmonger or IMIW; but Armour Shattered stops you applying armour breaks, but doesn't stop them making new armour.

    I don't think damage on the SP3 will be a major problem for him. Thor's SP3 applies an armour break of 1800, which can rise up to 4500 at Sig 200; lasting fifteen seconds (19.5 if he has a Fury).
    That (plus a three-second stun) should give him decent damage potential; and bear in mind, it'll also deal additional burst damage of 1800, which can rise to 4500 at Sig 200 (if he has a Fury buff, this burst damage will be additional 2700 Unawakened, rising to 8370* at Sig 200).

    *Now multiply by 1.5 if they're immune to Armour Break. Or consider him doing this if someone has put him on a defensive Boss node.


    I also avoided Shock apart from on the SP1, as that's his main ability as Rags, and I want them to be very different champions. I decided I preferred the Shock burst rather than placing a debuff; but either could work. Aptitude is a good thought though; either by stacking armour breaks; or possibly as a synergy in place of the current one with Hela/Angela/Rags.

    Thanks for the feedback. 😀
  • Geralt_123Geralt_123 Posts: 571 ★★★
    Came from other thread and loved your rework idea.
    I would love to add poison immunity, 90 percent shock resistance instead of 80 and guaranteed stun on sp3.
  • FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★
    I wish they’d do this. Great work.

    OG Avengers should all be buffed
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