Relick System Would Kill This Game

darkhumourdarkhumour Posts: 28
we all enjoy play this game in one way or another.the game itself perfect.even with all the bugs freezing stuff contest still offer enjoy for the of the best mobil games out there for sure.

and thanks to kabam for all their hardwork.the improves they do great.all the buffs,replay undo buttons,autoplay,sell from stash and so much more.kabam listens their playerbase.for all this huge thanks to kabam.

but the relick system...its nod just basically gear system which already mroc of the most interesting thing about this game you dont need to pay or collect some sort of items.there are champions and their kits, your masteries and you.nothing more.if you good at this game,if you have right counter for boss or annoying node you good to dont need anything else.

and also you only fight against the champions defensive kits and nodes dont fight with their exta buffs or powers.only nodes and champions itself.

bringing gear system changing all of this.and would kill the cant beat a certain boss? pick up this gear and beat him.

this gear stuff always pain to collect.most of you probably know from other games.probably 5 star relick would stronger for 4 star one and you will chase 6 star suddenly changes to collecting gears from collecting champions.

and we all know kabam loves money.if the gear system added in the game they would like to make money from it.the rarest and strongest ones will sale with bundles.maybe on cyber weekend deals or christmas but it could happen.

already some endgame players saying most of the time 6 stars meaningless just because 5 stars still very need to rank 3 6 star to beat any specific boss.5 stars can do this case bringing gears and make 6 star r3 champions even more stronger basically meaningless either.maybe in the future we only can use 6 stars or something but still making a god tier champion even more powerful would destroy the balance of the game.

i love this game and i would like to play following years.but im concerned about this games future.kabam should let it go before it happens in my opinion
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