What devices have you used for Marvel Contest of Champions?

firemoon712firemoon712 Posts: 467 ★★★
I've used plenty of devices myself, so I'll go down the list.

- IPhone 4S. My very first phone as well as the device I used to play MCOC first. Not only when I played it the device was "not optimized" but the game used to crash A LOT. Also, it could take 5-10 minutes before the game loaded.

- Cracked "hand me down" Android (4.4). This one didn't crash making arena possible to do, but it did in fact have long load times such as the 5-10 minute load when it boots up and the 30 second loads between matches(this made drinking soda between fights possible, remember this)

- Alcatel Tetra (Android OS 8.1). This one was the phone I used for YEARS. And the battery eventually got so bad, it would die the instant it got off charge, and sometimes it would die even on charge. I couldn't tell you how many times I lost health in questing because of it lol. Anyways, it took about 3-5 mins to load in game and the load times between fights was still long enough for a sip of soda... so about 15-30 seconds.

- Alcatel Insight (Android OS 9). This phone I got literally 1-3 months before the "increase in optimization" update. This phone became unsupported afterwards lol. Had a little bit worse specs than the previous phone(same amount of loading times, too) but at least it didn't die on charge.

- Google Pixel 2. This is the current phone I use at the moment. Had to get a new one once MCOC's requirements went up. And thankfully Amazon had a bunch of good sales for phones, including this one which is apparently more powerful than an Iphone 6. Anyways, the load times. It takes at most about 30 seconds to get in game and at most 5-10 seconds per match... which makes soda drinking per load screen during arena impossible, completely catching me off guard every time lol. Not only are the specs of this phone WAYYYY higher than the previous phones I used above, but I can now try out games certain CEOs say is good(7DS).
I should also mention that this device right here was the first time I got to see the insane animations of Ghost. Because for the previous devices, there was no "ghosting" making Ghost look like she was fidgeting in her win pose without the cool effects and her specials didn't have the ghosting effects as well. Also, Doom doesn't lag my device when I use his SP2 which also caught me off guard seeing it not lag for the first time.

But now that I said the devices I used, I'm curious, what devices have y'all used for MCOC?


  • HoitadoHoitado Posts: 3,569 ★★★★★
    iPad (don’t know which one though but it was old )

    And IPhone 8+ which is what I use now. It works very well
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