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Cabal needs a map7 alliance so we are building one!

The family is growing and we need you!

Cabal is building a new map 7 alliance 3 bg war resource farming g1/p4 is expected

☆We are also open to bringing in a map6/7 alliance that wants to become full map7. ☆

Will be epic mods all days

Currently have 1 full bg that will be  ready to go next season so we need 20 members to add in.

Looking for:
10+ members
Boss killers
General good guys

Supasix98 for info

This is a brand new alliance so a little patience and loyalty will go way in the building process

Thank you
CABL5(MAP5/4, G1)
CABL7(MAP7/G1) Upcoming


  • SupasixSupasix Posts: 80
    Any groups needing a home that want to make a push at map7 I've got a place for you. Pm me on line Supasix98
  • SupasixSupasix Posts: 80
    We are now looking for 5-7 members to finalize membership for our new map7 alliance. Supasix98 pm me for information.

    Cabal is also recruiting for multiple openings map4-6 as well.
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