How would you feel about Percentage Based Health Pots?

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This idea just entered my head when I was buying a revive (I hate Fighting Mr. Negative). Revives are Percentage based and Potions just provide a Certain amount of health. So I wanted to know what you guys think about having Potions be Percentage Based as well

I see both Pros and Cons with this idea but it would be very hard to implement

How would you feel about Percentage Based Health Pots? 154 votes

Yes Do This Kabam
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No Don’t Do it Kabam
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  • FiiNCHFiiNCH Posts: 863 ★★★★
    Yes Do This Kabam
    Long overdue with the health pools of 6* rank 3’s and with rank 4’s on the horizon
  • HoitadoHoitado Posts: 2,280 ★★★★★
    Yes Do This Kabam

    I don't think anyone would seriously say no...

    FiiNCH said:

    Long overdue with the health pools of 6* rank 3’s and with rank 4’s on the horizon

    I agree with these points. I just think the hard thing to do would be pricing but it is definitely something I think should be added
  • N1nthcloudN1nthcloud Posts: 323 ★★
    Yes Do This Kabam
    Im more or less in wonder it hasn't happened already
  • magnus_xixmagnus_xix Posts: 867 ★★★★
    If they do that, they'll have people complaining about how it's unfair that it costs the same amount to recover 500 health (for 3 stars) and 15000 health (for 6 stars)
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 1,145 ★★★★
    Yes Do This Kabam
    We already have % revives, we should have % health potions.
  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 1,120 ★★★★

    I don't think anyone would seriously say no...

    If you don’t look at this and see the Monkey’s Paw curling a finger, I can’t help you.

    Here, let me fast forward to the end. If it helps, imagine this as a Star Wars crawl:

    CHAOS STRIKES THE FORUM. Long-supported changes were finally made to the health potion system in the Contest. After an exhaustive internal review and no solicitation of input from the player base, it was determined that level 5 potions would restore 20% of a champion’s HP. Lesser potions would restore 10, 5, 2, and 1 percent, respectively.

    One forum user was predictably thrilled with the decision. “With rank 4 6-stars arriving in the contest soon, the potion system needed to be sustainable for the long haul. If you compare the raw HP totals from the old system to what you can do for a 6-star 4/55 Apocalypse, it’s clear that you’re coming out way, way ahead. The people here really will complain about anything.”

    Now, summoners must try desperately to avoid the flame wars, bans, and jailings that have ensued.
  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 1,120 ★★★★
    And my serious answer: why not both? Leave 1/2/3 as they are. Cavalier players still get level 2 and 3 from 4-hour crystals (blah) but the level 4 potions in daily rewards could be a percent of total health. 25% would be around 7500 for most maxed 5-stars, or you could say 30% so that a 40% revive and two 30’s is max health.
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 2,916 ★★★★★
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    As long as we can keep the current ones, I’m cool with it
  • Furious_Fighter1Furious_Fighter1 Posts: 654 ★★★
    No Don’t Do it Kabam
    Accidentally voted no, count me as Yes.

    I first tapped Yes and then tapped vote twice, but it accidentally tapped No first and then the vote option Lol
  • IronGladiator22IronGladiator22 Posts: 1,071 ★★★
    Yes Do This Kabam
    I like this idea, but I can see cons. Maybe we just need a little bit of a rebalance in terms of how much of what kind of revives players receive
  • TrashyPandaTrashyPanda Posts: 1,150 ★★★★
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    No Don’t Do it Kabam
    Voted no because I'm a rebellious man-child.

    I'd like to have both fixed-number and percentage-based potions.

    It gives us more slots for potions, and it gives Kabam another thing to sell. They could keep invariable potions as farmable loot (and still buyable), and have the variable potions be more unit, money, and reward based.
  • GreekhitGreekhit Posts: 1,608 ★★★★★
    Yes Do This Kabam
    This should have happened from the very beginning of the game.
    Numerical and not percentage health potions is an original design flaw, that doesn’t seems to change, at least soon.
    P.S. Level 1 and level 3 solo revives should be at the store also for 20 units and 60 units each 😉
  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 821 ★★★
    Yes Do This Kabam
    As others have mentioned it is long overdue, it is absolutely a pro player and a Pro Kabam move as it will guarantee sales and it's undoubtedly something that definitely fits not only in the current meta but in the future because I want this game to succeed and thrive and that means making those initial changes and Investments now that best reflect what is needed and benefits everyone as a whole today, tomorrow and the days to come after.
  • TheDaywalkerTheDaywalker Posts: 74
    Sasquatch and HB would be broken af in sustainability if this were a thing, but yeah sure that would sound awesome.
  • KDoggg2017KDoggg2017 Posts: 863 ★★★★
    We do have % potions.
    We just call them them..."revives." 😆
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 581 ★★★
    I don't really care one way or the other, but I would like a system that made low-level potions valuable to endgame players somehow. Maybe you can just trade in 10 for a level 3 or something, but right now you can probably use 100 lvl1s and still not fill up your 6* fully. That's just trash. Maybe progression levels could upgrade health potions just like they do crystals etc?

    But one thing that would be great if they were percent-based would be that they always healed you for the same amount. I hate how even the top potions do absolutely nothing if you've boosted your health up. That's super annoying.
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