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Kabam can we have a serious discussion about changing Dexterity mastery?

So I am all for the Mystic Dispersion mastery boosting power off buffs that have either timed out or been nullified. However, I really don't think since Dexterity mastery is essential to the game because without it you can't fully evade any specials if they are projectiles, that it should give you a critical buff that procs this mastery or other things like Dormammu's Degen. This critical buff gained from perfectly timed evades should be changed to a passive buff. It's a total money grab in Alliance Wars when versing Boss nodes especially when everyone seems to rely on placing Mystic defenders on power gain nodes especially if they happen to be Dormammu. I'd love to have a response from a mod on this.


  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,111 ★★★★★
    Mods have responded to dozens of posts similar to yours and it looks like they don't have any plans to change dexterity at the moment. That being said I don't think the interaction with MD and dexterity is that much of a problem anymore since with AW diversity being a deciding factor, tricky mystic champions are only being placed on boss nodes so you can bring in specific counters where if you play well you don't even proc dexterity that often
  • DusterN9neDusterN9ne Posts: 74
    I totally agree @Sungj but its not really the point of Diversity lessening the interactions with Mystic champs that have MD maxed out as much as the problem the evading is required in this game and we are constantly penalized for using it in these types of situations. Perfect example is the most recent war my alliance had the opponents didn't even bother to try to get diversity and placed multiple harder duplicate Mystic defenders as an attempt to stop us, Of course it failed and we still won but it was much more costly and in reality without MD procing every few seconds from Dexterity buff it wouldn't have been so expensive. I'm not saying it shouldn't be difficult I'm only pointing out that certain champs like Magik, Dorm, etc kill you from something that is supposed to be a defensive ability and instead murders your team and there is no other way around it. Simply put there is no amount of skill involved in dying from someone who has never even landed a hit on you.
  • DusterN9neDusterN9ne Posts: 74
    At some point we need to push to make a change to game mechanics like these or next thing we know we will be penalized with massive health loss from blocking, regenerating, and many other mechanics that just don't line KABAM's pockets as quickly and that has nothing to do with being skilled as a player it's only a matter of who is willing to pay more to continue dealing with this bullsh*t on a regular basis.
  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,111 ★★★★★
    Honestly, I see MD's interaction with dexterity like a more punishing stun immune node. Both change the way you play and punish you for relying on certain gameplay mechanics. You can still evade without proccing dexterity, its difficult and I can't do it consistently but there are people I know that are better players that have nailed down shallow evades so MD doesn't even matter. In the past few months people have slowly transitioned to the realization there are skill based ways to play around MD. I understand the frustration, I still hate going up against a dorm or Mordo in AW but I also realize that when I die against them there were ways I could've avoided it. Especially with the new AW system where you can see the class you are fighting even in wars where the opposing team just put up full mystic/evade defense teams you could bring in good counters and MD wouldn't even be a worry.
  • DusterN9neDusterN9ne Posts: 74
    MD by itself usually isn't that big of a problem it's when it's combined with power gain nodes that the issues really arise. Also another problem is MD and full immunity nodes and stun immune even can be tricky if you don't play extremely well and careful. My original reason for posting this though was just to point out that some game mechanics should not be penalized when fighting against others unless there is an equal balance and so far from what I've seen there is no obvious counter to this type of defense. Sure you can rely on playing safe and baiting low level specials however with the game always having lag issues and the A.I. constantly being tampered with so that they play like they are all on AON nodes it makes it very difficult to consistently play well against these issues. Another possibility is to play with powerlock champs like Magik but that wont work out very well against full immunity given the fact that they can't be powerlocked. Just something I'd like to see adjust so there is more actual balance to the game.
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