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Champion Spotlight - Ultron

About Ultron
“What is this? What is this place? This...Contest? I wasn’t always here, in this place. I was asleep...or perhaps I was a dream. But now I’m here and on mission. I am Ultron, created by Stark to bring about peace in our time. But humanity cannot be saved in its current state. No, we need a new world to supplant humanity. A world of metal. I’ll create peace in the only way it can be achieved. Not in Stark’s way, but in my own. How is humanity saved if it’s not allowed to evolve?”

Ultron's Mechanics

    Manage your Functions, and activate as many as possible! Combine your Heavy Attack and Specials to gain a bunch of bonus Attack and land some massive Bleeds and Critical hits with Ultron’s updated kit!

   Health  Attack  PI (Max Signature)
 3-Star  6609  463  1930
 4-Star  16572  1159  4850
 5-Star  33227  2324  10240
 6-Star (Rank 3, Level 45)  42815  2994  13160

Character Class: Tech

Basic Abilities: Robotics, Self Repair, Bleed, Armor

  • Immunities
  • Ultron being a Robot gains full Immunity to all Bleed and Poison effects.

  • Damage over Time
  • Ultron can apply some massive Bleed damage, and against mutants even Degeneration!
  • Anti-Evade
  • To maximize Ultron’s power you’ll want to activate all of his Functions, including the Evade. Watch out for anyone that can shut it down!

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

Always Active:
  • Advanced robotics causes Ultron’s Function abilities to have a 100% chance to trigger and to be unaffected by Ability Accuracy. Additionally, Ultron is Immune to Bleed, Poison and Slow effects.
  • Function (Evade) - Every 7 seconds, Evade all incoming Attacks for 1.5 seconds.
Dev Notes: Ultron’s Evade now has an icon to display it, making it easier to track when it will trigger, but we’ve also increased the duration!

When Health Drops Below 50% and 25%
  • Function (Heal) - Once Per Fight - Gain a Self-Repair Buff healing 8306.75 Health over 10 seconds. If Stunned while Self Repair is active, Connection is Lost and the Self-Repair is removed.
All Attacks
  • Function (Critical) - Every 5th Attack is a guaranteed Critical Hit.
  • Function (Damage) - Every 3rd Attack inflicts a Bleed Debuff, causing 1394.4 direct damage over 6 seconds. If the target is Mutant, instead inflict a matching Degeneration Debuff.
Dev Notes: Those pesky Mutant Champions won’t be able to slip away from Ultron’s Damage Over Time.

  • Function (Armor) - Every 4th Blocked Attack grants an Armor Up Buff, providing +370.59 Armor Rating for 30 seconds. Well-Timed Blocks count as 4 Blocked Attacks for this purpose.
Heavy Attack
  • Triggers Function (Damage) for each unique Function Ultron has utilized during the fight. Cooldown: 5 seconds per unique Function utilized during the fight.
Launch a Special Attack
  • Function (Cauterize) - Remove all effects from the opponent caused by Ultron’s Function (Damage). Gain +1162 Attack Rating for each effect removed this way for the duration of the Special Attack.
Dev Notes: Pair this with a well timed Special 2 and Heavy Attack to get a massive amount of Bleed damage or Fury!

Special 1 - Encephalo-Ray
  • Function (Stun) - Inflict a Stun Debuff lasting 2 seconds.

Special 2 - Attack Routine 11010100
  • The Attack bonus granted by Function (Cauterize) lingers for 10 seconds after this Attack is finished.
  • Any Function (Damage) Debuffs triggered during this Attack are doubled.
Dev Notes: Make sure to time this well with when your next Function: Damage will trigger for maximum damage!

Special 3 - Eradication
  • Function (Stun) - Inflict a Stun Debuff lasting 3.5 seconds.
  • Function (Burn) - Inflicts Power Burn, draining 2 bar(s) of Power and dealing direct damage proportional to the Power Drained.

Signature Ability - Absorption
  • Energy Damage Effects:
  • Attacks that deal Energy Damage cause Ultron to Regenerate 65.96% of the damage dealt to him. Each Energy-based Attack also grants Ultron a burst of Power based on the damage dealt.
  • Incoming Incinerate and Shock effects suffer -80% Duration.

My World of Metal - Unique - with Dragon Man, Sentinel, Ultron (Classic), Guillotine 2099
  • Ultron Prime: Each Armor Up Buff also reduces incoming Stun Debuff duration by 0.5 seconds.
  • Metal Champions: Gain +5% Health & Attack Rating.

My Beautiful Meteor - Solo - with Vision (AOU), Vision (Classic), Hulkbuster, Thor (Ragnarok)
  • Ultron Prime: Function (Cauterize) now lingers for an additional 7 seconds after the Special Attack is over. Additionally, While Function (Cauterize) is active, the opponent is Passively Heal Blocked.

Enemies- with Black Widow, Black Widow (Deadly Origin)
  • All Champions: +155 Critical Rating

Family- Iron Man (Classic), Iron Man (Superior), Iron Man (IW)
  • All Champions: +6% Health

Enemies- with Scarlet Witch (Classic), Thor (Ragnarok)
  • All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating.

Outgoing Synergy Bonuses Updated
Singularity- Unique - M.O.D.O.K.
  • M.O.D.O.K: Critical Hits activate after 5 Attacks instead of 7.
  • Ultron Prime: Activating Function (Critical) also activates Function (Damage).
  • Ultron: +200 Critical Damage Rating & +10% Perfect Block Chance.

Double Edge and Liquid Courage
  • Ultron being immune to both Bleed and Poison makes him a great candidate for both Double Edge and Liquid Courage.

Deep Wounds:
  • Ultron has fairly short Bleed Debuffs, juice out as much damage as you can with the Deep Wounds mastery!


  • No_oneukNo_oneuk Posts: 1,414 ★★★★★
    Hmm prestige is really whack but he looks to be easier to fight against now, and maybe his damage can be really good with that heavy sp2 trick? Will be interested to see! Also will be interested to see the sig 200 combined with war machines prefight...
  • JhonST33JhonST33 Posts: 449 ★★★
    If I do several parries before launch a heavy attack, does he place a debuff on the opponent for each parry or just one?
  • ThatweirdguyThatweirdguy Posts: 671 ★★★
    That is a shame I was hoping for better than the usual buffs we are used to that still make a champ useless and not worth rank up resources. This seems Punisher 2099 level meh. But I will reserve final judgement until I try him. Too bad :neutral:
  • TheCleanerTheCleaner Posts: 17
    I expected to see some base attack value updates. According to AuntM.ai his Attack and Health values are the same as listed above. (42815 HP 2994 Attack at R3 6* )
    For a guy I have affectionately called "Ultron Pillowhands" I had hope that he'd at least be getting an attack value bump.

    I realize that he'll produce more bleeds, and even degen in some circumstances, but it seems like his entire damage out put will depend on timing Heavies with Specials and calling all the functions. Or am I missing something?
  • J0eySn0wJ0eySn0w Posts: 768 ★★★
    edited May 2021

    Don't know where the negativity is coming from. He looks great.

    Yeah, I'm surprised too. Besides his prestige, everything looks very good to me, my only concern is will the numbers hold up? For practicality, the box is checked imo same with utility. We'd have to wait to see if he pays off in terms of the damage to at least make it for end game contents.
  • DJMNHDJMNH Posts: 572 ★★★
    Sadly now he needs to be duped unlike the prebuff
  • GomezlinkGomezlink Posts: 159

    from what i have read, he will be easier to defeat on defense, since the evade timer will show up?

    In fact, it will be useful in the attack, knowing when it will give dexterity, we can leave the special attacks of the opponents

  • Wu_Bangerz23Wu_Bangerz23 Posts: 328 ★★
    The way I read it couldn't you just build up mass armors and gain 1162 attack on special launch per armor? If they count as separate functions Everytime you could easily ramp up his attack to huge numbers .. in seconds
  • VoltolosVoltolos Posts: 1,120 ★★★

    The way I read it couldn't you just build up mass armors and gain 1162 attack on special launch per armor? If they count as separate functions Everytime you could easily ramp up his attack to huge numbers .. in seconds

    Its each unique function. Not quite as impressive but it should be pretty good
  • Wu_Bangerz23Wu_Bangerz23 Posts: 328 ★★
    Voltolos said:

    The way I read it couldn't you just build up mass armors and gain 1162 attack on special launch per armor? If they count as separate functions Everytime you could easily ramp up his attack to huge numbers .. in seconds

    Its each unique function. Not quite as impressive but it should be pretty good
    Ok I was gonna say....there is no way someone can complain if that's the case you could easily build up tons of bleeds and armor.....either way he will have immunity, much better damage, crazy Regen, basically become an auto quake every 7 seconds for incoming attack(s) and has the same if not better sp3 than warlock....I'll wait to see it in action, but this buff seems amazing. Ultron was already not terrible......he was a damage bump away from becoming pretty good and he got that....and a ton more. Mix in the fact he has some OP synergies with KP or Sinister, Gully 2099 , Warlock and what's not to like....he's gonna be scary from what I'm reading
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