Please make it easy to search for specific duel targets

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This quality-of-life change was initially very good, but it's gotten to the point where you can't find a lot of champs in the search. Either the search mechanism needs to boost results for Official Duel Targets™ or those targets need to be searchable using a unique syntax. Most community resources for compiling duel targets have stopped updating because this change was added, but since it doesn't work for all champs it means that summoners don't have any reliable way to find a lot of duel targets.


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    Marvel Trucos does amazing work for finding duel targets, specific summoners and what not.

    In terms of the search function, scratch that, any typing in this game, it's very difficult. If I miss click while trying to send, it deletes my whole sentence.

    I've found that if I try and search a champion, my letters and hyphens need to be correct, to the T if I want a chance to see the duel target I want. And I concur with OP, there needs to be a duel targets system and it's weird that we can't duel all champions in game.
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