Grandmaster down!

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Its been said by plenty of others but the Grandmaster is one well developed fight, I did have a few pain points (inverted controls is not much fun) and there is a lot going on with onscreen prompts, I cheated here and had the boy call out the prompts and tell me what to do with the specials (he did the GM months ago) and I wouldve liked to take his advice and watch some youtube but thats boring so I just winged it.

Aegon put in most of the work on GM after clearing the path with no pots used but unduped NF was great for the debuff prompt.

Took the cosmic path because it seemed the easiest to me, I figured out I can quake annihlus and tenacity took care of aarkus.

Took ghost, basically I found her useless against GM. CGR wasnt much use either.

Sweaty left thumb cost me a few revives and I'll never be posting one shot/world record beatdown vids because I aint that gud but all in all it was fun.

Because I'm no good, cost 20 revives. doing too many paths in act6 this week has burned me out for a few days.

Pulled a 6* prof X but I'm not that excited, sinister from the nexus and DPX as well, took torch and redmag to 5/65 with the cats

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