Uncollected team?

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I am currently on 5.2.5 and am getting closer to uncollected. I have asked this before in the past but have got some better champions since. I was wondering what team you think would be best for 5.2.5 and 5.2.5. Thanks!

If there are any 5*s you think I should rank up that would help, just let me know. Thanks again!


  • ADwar616ADwar616 Posts: 76
    Any high damage output champ with long special animations. Practice with moonknight for now and get a hang of that bane timer. Choose the easiest path (the psylok one i think) and bring champs accordingly keeping role reversal in mind. BWDO is gonna be OP for you.
  • The_HoTUThe_HoTU Posts: 445 ★★
    Recently I became Uncollected , In 5.2.5 it requires skill there is no need of champions but I will prefer champions with higher health
    In 5.2.6 my Hyperion 4* helped me takedown all the people except the boss and Spider Gwen.
    Then defeated Spider Gwen using Archangel 4*. Who shutdowns her evade by getting 3 nuerotoxins which was really a struggle.
    In collector your best bet could be using Evaders like Daredevil and Spider Gwen(Best Counter) or pure damage like Corvus , Cgr , Longshot , Hyperion.
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