Earlier today, there was an issue where Summoners that logged on shortly after the Login Calendar switched over for the day didn't receive the Cosmic Ghost Rider login crystal. We've fixed the issue for players receiving the crystal now but will have to collect data and send out the crystal to all players that didn't receive it next week. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to making it right for you all.

June Update

The early part of the new update just went live, but I can’t access it in the App Store. What happened? Did my getting too ambitious and accidentally going to the App Store a minute early cost me the new update for a couple of days? I wanted to see the buff on my first ever 4* for myself. War Machine was my first 4* and I wanted to play with his new mechanics. Not to mention seeing the new numbers off of Ebony Maw cheesing Shang Chi while the fight is still around.


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