Korg bug grandmasters gauntlet

Mobile Carrier: AT&T- cellular data full bars

Cellular or WiFi: Only on cellular

Game Version Installed: version 31.1.1

Game Mode: grandmasters gauntlet

Champions Affected: Occurred with all champs. But mostly used doom as attacker and Korg is defender

Active Boosts: 30% attack/health boost

Description of the Issue: Flux dispersal charge not being removed with all heavy attacks. Sometimes it would work and others it took 2 heavy attacks. This happened almost half the time using a heavy. It occurred at Random and throughout the fight. The difficulty of the fight required me to use more units then needed to revive.


  • ChikelChikel Posts: 2,037 ★★★★
    Do you have pacify mastery active?
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75
    Chikel said:

    Do you have pacify mastery active?

    Yes 2 points, but I don’t think that would matter .a heavy attack should remove charges anyway

  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75

  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    Flux dispersal is dumb and interacts with ability accuracy reduction. Since you have pacify, you “reduce” the chance of the heavy attack removing the charges when you passive stun and use your heavy attack.
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75
    Thank you. I understand now. My mistake.
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