Ultrons bugs

Right now just trying to get a thread tallying the bugs with him,

Unresolved bugs

1- the hulk buster synergy now is not triggering on s3, originally it was. At the onset it seemed the 7 sec was not adding to the s2 but I just tested today and it now seems to be working. Yet during my testing today the s3 cauterize 7 sec timer is not triggering.

2- the parry is not triggering the additional function. I still don’t think this is the intent the way it was worded. This is def something I hope that will get fixed.

3 I tested the regen at 50 then 25 it seems to be working on both now. Not sure if anyone still is having this issue but please post here if u do.


  • Pdogg614Pdogg614 Posts: 78
    Edit seems like the function armour is triggering on the first parry now. So 2 of the 3 seem fixed, the 1st one still isn’t working on the s3
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