Need new members!

hey whoever’s reading hope you’re having a good day, I’m Journ£y, in the leader of a newly made alliance and so far I have a total of 5 members. I need at least 20 if I want to get anywhere with this newly made alliance and need support of active to chill players, I am a player that has completed all of act 6 with 9.2k prestige but frankly looking for players of at least 3k prestige and up. they’re currently 6 spots in officer position and the first 6 to join will most likely claim those spots if they are deemed the position enough. To summarize it up us 5 members need people to help out and join our community so we can accomplish great feats in the future, if you could give a moment of a your time to check us out please please do, my contact information will be down below for more info!
Ally tag-Tsum¥
P.S-the pound e and y can be located when you press the 123, then #+= on the keyboard :), thank you!


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