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The team will be redistributing lost keys.
Timeline is uncertain.
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Make 1V1 arena worthwhile

I am a dentist. I don't have time to put up millions of points in arena and I'm getting arthritis in my fingers from trying so I quit. Please add more interesting crystals to 1v1 arena once you break a streak of 15 or 30 or something. Only people with top champs would be able to do this so it would make it worthwhile for people that have put a lot of time into the game and need battle chips/units/gold/5* pun etc. please consider this because arena is broken and it makes the game a lot less fun. Pure grind minimal interest.


  • SpeedbumpSpeedbump Posts: 1,520 ★★★
    I need to set up an appointment, I think I might have a cavity and I also need a cleaning......can I get help with that?
  • LilJohLilJoh Posts: 52
    Yes you can call the American dental association to find a dentist that accepts your insurance if you have it or a doctor near you that can help you with your needs. 312 440 2500
    As for me I need help with getting battlechips and it's too time consuming. Ad0ra plz help a brother out. I know you all thought my t shirt was really fly at comic con. Plz help.
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