Looking to join a map 5 maybe even 6 alliance that does active war. 6.7k prestige 364k rating.

Add in game ID (Killer354)


  • MFlo_83MFlo_83 Posts: 75
    Added you (ign: MFlo83~1). Discord is required. We run mostly map 5, with some map 6 and are doing two BGs of AW next season.
  • Added you in game, Sanctvm Sanctorvm is a close-knit alliance, we are aq only map 5. Discord is required https://discord.gg/JXUhPcn
  • SprossTheBossSprossTheBoss Posts: 78
    @Killer354 we run 3BG war in season, 1 or 2 off season. Steady gold2 but looking to move up next season. AQ 5x5 typically finishing around 250m points. Line app required, let me know if interested
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