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Champion Spotlight - Scarlet Witch

Obtain 4-Star Scarlet Witch, not to be confused with Scarlet Witch (Classic), by purchasing an activation of the Summoner’s Sigil after 10AM PT on June 7 2021. Additional Summoner’s Sigil activations will Awaken and increase the Signature level of Scarlet Witch’s Signature Ability. Obtain new Sigil Credits in the Weekly Summoner Sigil exclusive Solo Event Milestones and use them to purchase 4, 5 and 6-Star Scarlet Witch.

About Scarlet Witch
Gifted with the powers of chaos magic since birth, Scarlet Witch can conjure hexes of unimaginable destruction, capable of irreversibly altering the very fabric of reality itself.

Scarlet Witch's Mechanics

    Scarlet Witch is a defensive, push your luck style Champion that feeds off the chaos she creates. Launching Special Attacks create’s Instability, which increases the chances of either Champion gaining a powerful Buff when Chaos Surge activates. Use Scarlet Witch’s Well-Timed block to steal Buffs gained by her Opponent before launching devastating Special Attacks.

   Health  Attack  PI (Max Signature)
 3-Star  5921  530  1924
 4-Star  14596  1328  4841
 5-Star  26264  2662  10630
 6-Star (Rank 3, Level 45)  37708  3430  13680

Character Class: Mystic

Basic Abilities: Nullify, Chaos Surge, Power Gain

  • Well-Timed Block Nullify
  • Scarlet Witch can Nullify any Buff with her Well-Timed Block. This Nullify occurs before she is struck, so if the Opponent has an Unblockable Buff she can Nullify it before the hit connects. This Nullify is especially useful against Champions who start the Fight with a Buff active.

  • Copy Nullified Buffs
  • Scarlet Witch gains a Copy of any Fury, Prowess, Cruelty, Armor Up, or Unblockable Buff she Nullifies. If fighting Champions that sit on lots of Fury Buffs, Scarlet Witch can significantly increase her damage output.

  • Power Gain
  • Scarlet Witch’s Heavy Attack creates a potent Power Gain Buff. If mixed with the Mystic Dispersion Mastery, Scarlet Witch will be able to easily devastate her Opponent with repeated Special Attacks.
  • Chance to grant Opponent Unblockable
  • Chaos Surge has a small chance to grant the Opponent an Unblockable Buff. These Buffs can’t be granted during Special Attacks, but can turn the tide of a fight quickly if she isn’t prepared to remove it with a Well-Timed Block.

  • Incinerate, Coldsnap, or Poison Immunity
  • Scarlet Witch’s main damage loop requires repeatedly launching the Special 2. If the Opponent is Immune to any of the Debuffs inflicted by this Attack it will noticeably reduce her damage output.

  • Nullify, Fate Seal, Stagger
  • If the Opponent can prevent Scarlet Witch from gaining any of her Buffs, they can benefit off of Scarlet Witch’s chaos more than she can.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

All Attacks:
  • Deal Energy Damage instead of Physical.
  • On Special Activation, gain 1 indefinite Instability. 1 Instability is removed when knocked down by a Special Attack.
  • If 6+ Instability are active for 10 seconds, inflict Opponent with Degeneration, dealing 7968 Direct Damage over 6 seconds.
  • When the above Degeneration expires, remove all Instability.
Developer’s Note: Managing Instability is the key to playing Scarlet Witch. The important thing to note here is that if you sit on 6 Instability for 10 seconds, all Instability will inevitably be removed.

Chaos Surge:
  • Every 4 seconds, activate Chaos Surge, granting both Champions a 20% chance per Instability to gain 1 randomly selected Buff. Small chance to grant all Buffs.
  • Armor Up, granting +1130.77 Armor Rating for 12 seconds.
  • Fury, granting +1331 Attack Rating for 12 seconds.
    Cruelty, granting +233.33 Critical Damage Rating over 12 seconds.
  • Prowess, granting 120% Special Attack Damage for 12 seconds.
  • Unblockable, lasting 4 seconds.
  • Buffs are not granted to Champions launching Special Attacks.
  • If Scarlet Witch Nullifies any Armor Up, Fury, Cruelty, Prowess, or Unblockable Buffs, she gains her matching Chaos Surge Buff.
Before The Opponent Lands an Attack:
  • While blocking, 15% chance to Nullify 1 Buff. Increased to 100% during the Well-Timed Block window.
Developer’s Note: This Nullify occurs before the Opponent’s hit connects with Scarlet Witch, allowing her to Nullify Unblockable Buffs with her Well-Timed Block. This Nullify always targets the most recent Buff activated on the Opponent, so if you’re going to Nullify an Unblockable, make sure no other Buffs are activated after it. Scarlet Witch will excel If you can master the re-parry technique, or perform multiple well-timed blocks during a single Special Attack.

Heavy Attacks
  • Consume 1 Instability to create a non-stacking Power Gain Buff, generating 100% of a Bar of Power over 10 seconds.
Developer’s Note: When reaching 5 Instability, land a Heavy Attack on the Opponent to drop back down to 4, allowing you to quickly launch another Special 2. Try to launch as many Special 2’s as possible without ever reaching 6 Instability.

Special 1: Crushing Blow - Scarlet Witch tears the ground beneath her Opponent apart, then hurls the debris with a deadly telekinetic attack.
  • The first successful hit creates 1 Instability.
Developer’s Note: You’ll gain 2 total Instability when landing this Special Attack in a fight. The goal is to get to 4 Instability first, then loop Special 2’s and Heavy Attacks to stay at 5 Instability.

Special 2: Chaos Bombardment - Scarlet Witch conjures a blast of Chaos Magic then bombards her opponent with a combination of hexes
  • Each hit inflicts a Random Debuff. Duration is increased by 20% for each Buff on either Champion. Max 100%.
  • Poison, dealing 4259.2 Direct Damage over 10 seconds. Poison also reduces the Opponent’s Regeneration Rate by 30%.
  • Coldsnap, dealing 4259.2 Energy Damage over 10 seconds. Coldsnap also prevents the activation of Evade.
  • Incinerate, dealing 4259.2 Energy Damage over 10 seconds. Incinerate also prevents the activation of Perfect Block and reduces Block Proficiency by 50%.
Developer’s Note: If the Opponent isn’t Immune to any of these Debuffs, this is the main damage dealing ability for Scarlet Witch. If Debuffs aren’t doing the trick, Special 3 will have you covered.

Special 3: Collective Destruction - Scarlet Witch supercharges her body with chaos magic before releasing it in a devastating blast, destroying everything in her proximity.
  • Nullify up to 5 Buffs on the Opponent. Each Buff Nullified this way increases this attack’s Attack Rating by 796.8
  • Remove all Instabilities, each inflicting a Passive Degeneration dealing 7320.5 Direct Damage over 10 seconds.
Developer’s Note: Don’t worry if you blow past the Special 2 while trying to maintain 5 Instability. This Special Attack hits like a truck. It’s especially powerful against Opponents sitting on lots of Buffs. The Nullify occurs first, which means Scarlet Witch will get copies of any Chaos Surge Buffs on the Opponent before the damage is dealt.

Signature Ability - Organized Chaos - Scarlet Witch tips the scales in her favor.
  • On Activation of Chaos Surge:
  • Against Cosmic, Mystic, Tech Opponents: 20% chance per Instability to inflict a Petrify or Armor Break Debuff for 3 seconds.
  • Against Cosmic, Mutant, Skill Opponents: 20% chance per Instability to inflict a Power Sting or Heal Block Debuff for 3 seconds.
  • Power Sting: Deal 3194.4 direct damage on activation of Opponents Special Attacks.
  • Armor Break: reducing Armor by 1400.
  • Petrify: Reduce Regeneration Rate and Ability Power Gain Rate by 100%.
  • Heal Block: Stopping all healing effects.

Decimation - Unique - with Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, and Emma Frost
  • Scarlet Witch: Copied Buffs have 25% increased duration.
  • All Champions: Mutant Opponents have 30% reduced Ability Accuracy during either Champions Special Attacks.

Chaos Rising - Unique - with Scarlet Witch (Classic)
  • Scarlet Witch: Start each Fight with 2 Instability.
  • Scarlet Witch (Classic): Increase Buff Duration by 20% and Reduce Debuff Duration 20%.

Till Infinity Do Us Part - Unique - with Vision and Vision (Age of Ultron)
  • Scarlet Witch: When Chaos Surge activates, 8% chance to gain an Aptitude Buff increasing Fury, Precision, and Armor Up Buffs by 30% for 18 seconds.
  • Vision, Vision (Age Of Ultron): Landing a Heavy Attack on an Opponent suffering Heal Block grants a non-stacking Fury, increasing Attack Rating by 1000 for 15 seconds.

Demonic Pact - with Mephisto and Dormammu
  • Scarlet Witch: Chaos Surge creates Regeneration instead of Prowess, granting 4% of missing health over 12 seconds. Prowess can no longer be copied, but Regeneration can.
  • Dormammu: Imbued Attacks have 1250 increased Attack Rating.
  • Mephisto: While the Opponents Soul is Imprisoned, 100% chance to activate Aura of Incinerate when the Opponent fails to gain a Buff through Chance. Cooldown 1 second.
  • Dimensional Beings: +15% increased Ability Power Gain Rate.

Friends - Unique - With Captain America, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, and Black Widow
  • All Champions gain +6% Health.

Family- With Magneto, and Magneto (Marvel Now)
  • All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating

Mystic Dispersion
  • Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Surge will be granting the Opponent many Buffs throughout the fight. Gaining Power when these Buffs expire or when Nullifying them with her Well-Timed Block will grant her a significant boost in Power gain.

Block Proficiency
  • Scarlet Witch’s Well-Timed Block Nullify is her most valuable tool, but Chip damage can still become problematic. Anything that can negate damage dealt through her Block will go a long way.

  • Parry will create more openings for Scarlet Witch to land her Heavy Attack, which is key to managing her Instability.


  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,342 ★★★★★
    thanks for adding this to the main page. overall, she looks like a fun champ, but you really have to know her abilities and her playstyle to use her to her full potential
  • _hbtygbty423__hbtygbty423_ Posts: 546 ★★
    yes, i like the fact shes fun
  • BendyBendy Posts: 2,297 ★★★★
    Huge fan of this sw even as a 4 star fun to play can be crazy and the degen seems to be doing nicely

    Love the abilities also and the nullify on blocked hits and well timed block being 100% chance to nullify and copy before the hit lands makes her really enjoyable to play
  • Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 1,303 ★★★
    Please remove unblockable from the list of buffs

  • Hello @Jh_Dez. Thank you for your suggestion. Would you mind posting it on another announced thread here?
  • Wild_ObsidianWild_Obsidian Posts: 9
    Where to get the 2 and 3 star versions?
  • will this event repeat itself after a while?
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,189 ★★★★★

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