**WE ARE NO LONGER Temporarily Reverting Tier 1 War Ban System**

After further discussion, the game team has made the decision not make adjustements to the ban system.
The previously proposed fix would have resolved the issue for Summoners who are on the cusp of T1/T2 play, and negatively impacted Alliances more securely in T1. Instead, we recommend that cusp Alliances switch to Manual Placement to your members to place the allotted 5 Ban Champions limit there.

Apologies for the back and forth, and for any confusion.

building and managing an item stash-a comprehensive guide (part 2 boosts)

Boosts are an integral part of the game, from labyrinth to legends runs boosts can massively enhance champions base stats and even take their special attacks to an entirely new level (looking at you professor X.) however they can be troublesome to acquire at higher rarities and since they don't spawn on quest maps you often have to go out of your way to get them. That being said here is a comprehensive guide to acquiring boosts.

Attack boosts:
firstly the stats they come in 3 tiers granting 10/15/20% attack over 15/30/60 mins. Starting with the small I would say the loyalty store is probably the easiest way to get them. You may have to wait a few days for them appear as the loyalty store operates on a random 24 hour rotation since their is no purchase limits to the regular boosts in the loyalty store you can stock up as many as you want once they appear although when bought they will be subject to the usual inventory limitations. At 8,000 loyalty a piece I would say they are an ok deal if you don't need the war boosts although if you have a champion that works well with the power boosts they are definitely better to pick up. However I usually ignore them since their bigger cousins are so easy to get via solo events.

Speak of the devil 15% boosts are available largely from the rotating 7 hour combat events. Whilst being restricted to just once class isn't great they are a much easier grind than the advancement events. Class based arena events do exist but since champs in a arena have cooldown times this is again a significantly more difficult for the final milestone . You largely have 2 options for farming either auto-play a low difficulty eq with a 6* of the specific class (granting 510 points a victory or 53 victories to reach the final 27,000 milestone at cavalier level) I have found chapter 1 of RTTL is particularly good for this as it is 1 energy per tile and their is an opponent on every node. Alternatively you can get an extra 500 points (to re-iterate I only have specific numbers for cav level solo events they maybe different for throne breaker and uncollected) by using a specific final attack. Now this can still be done on auto for medium and light attacks since a 6* even at r1 can fairly consistently 1 hit RTTL opponents however if it is special or heavy you may need to focus a bit and make sure you are using the right ender. Whilst it is attention intensive it will half your fights need to get the final milestone.

Now the big boys 20% attack boosts Now with most basic tier 3 boosts they are very difficult to get, honestly not sure what else to tell you at this point you can purchase the advanced alliance quest bundle for 3 of each of the top tier boosts however the 1,375 unit price tag may be out of the scope of this guide given I am producing it to help players farm items rather than just say buy them with units. They have appeared in the past in compensation bundles but reliable farming is not really something present for the 1 hour boosts. I think that just popping 2 15% boosts for the same effect is the best cause of action although if I have missed anything feel free to let me know.

Health boosts:
Just to avoid confusion I will say it now the health boost are 5% more potent than the attack boosts at each level (15/20/25%) so a 15% health boost has half the duration of a 15% attack boost even though they boost by the same amount. Now that's out of the way lets start. Again the 15 mins boosts are available for 8,000 loyalty and again I would say they are decent value if you don't need loyalty for anything else.

Now unlike attack boosts the mid-range ones are not available via 7 hour events however they are commonly available in the 1 day alliance item use event. It is reasonably easy to achieve as long as you are in an active alliance but less farmable as the 1 day events come around a lot less often then the 7 hour ones. If you are level 60 I recommend popping the xp boosts as a way to get a lot of points quickly or alternatively you can use the small 5 energy refills when questing instead of the full ones to help hit alliance point minimums. Whilst neither is great options in terms of rapid point gain the health boosts largely take a back seat over attack boosts so I wouldn't worry too much about grinding them it's nice to have a larger health pool but not essential.

Finally the big ones the 25% health boosts, again the most difficult to acquire outside of offers. Units are probably your best bet here I am afraid but again if their is something I have missed please educate me in the comments.

Champion boosts:
Finally the really strong boosts and again you largely have 2 main options, the loyalty store or events but in this case alliance events.
However let's start with the 10% 20 mins champion boosts, now like all champion boost since they boosts both attack and health they have a much greater cost in this case 23,000 loyalty a pop as supposed to the combined 16,000 for purchasing the separate small boosts. However the difference is still difficult to quantify since the champion boosts has a 33% increase duration compared to the 15 mins small boosts. (33% looks odd but it is correct as you are scaling the 15 mins up to 20 mins 5/15=1/3 as supposed to losing 5 off the 20 mins which would be a 25% decrease.) so lets make them equitable (sorry about the maths I promise it will make sense in the end) so you need 4x15 mins boosts to cover an hour and 3x20 to cover the same time so 69,000 loyalty to run 3 champion boosts and 64,000 loyalty if your doing it separately. So it is better to run the boosts separately to save 5,000 loyalty but also the for the extra 5% health boost you get for running the small health boost instead of the champion. However if you are in a situation where item use is limited the difference is not that large so I would say they are still ok value.

Next the 20% 40 mins boost now these are more difficult to get but very strong. The main way I get them is via the alliance event that starts with every new AQ season. The positive thing about this event grind wise is unlike level up the points scale much nicer for early players it is more about how much you play in AQ than what map play when it comes to point thresholds. It is worth noting that these contain the 10% champion boosts as well in the early milestones. I don't usually talk about event content but the feelin green event has run it the past and furnished players with a lot of champion boosts however one did not run last year so while you should keep and eye out for it please don't hold your breath. Overall I would say the trick to getting these is to bide your time they will build up naturally as long as you are not using them intensively and you can always substitute for more of a lower tier boost as they are easier to get. The effect won't be identical but remember that you can run 1 attack health and champion at the same time so don't be afraid to stack up the lower tiers.

And finally 30%s the really strong and really rare boosts, again I recommend just keeping an eye out for unit offers and compensations as they the only real way to get them without spending money. Like most high tier resources in mcoc their is not secret trick just building up a store over time by paying attention to the few times they feature in an event or side quest. I know that the sections highest tier boosts have been a bit dry but unfortunately it isn't something I wanted to neglect but I can only write about what is in my sphere of knowledge, if I have missed something please let me know as I made this post to educate and want it be as complete as possible that being said only two more boost types to go we are near the end I promise.

Now finally the loyalty exclusive boosts, as the name suggests these can only be bought from the (you guessed it) loyalty store. So first we have the power boosts, these grant a certain percentage power back based on the damage the special attack dealt. Before we get into some numbers a few caveats, first this is percentage based so have very little effect in high hit pool content or content with a damage cap such as LOL or safeguard paths. The happy medium for this (with 5/65s) appears to be variant and early act 6 where hit pools ranging from 100-150k are ideal for high special damage champs, any lower and the boosts are ineffective since 5/65 likely steam roll anything under 100k and any higher the percentage health lost becomes much lower in comparison to the actual damage rendering the boosts useless. Secondly the boosts do not function in a matchup where you have class disadvantage this isn't usually a problem since you should be bringing a varied team however in some cases their is a soft requirement to bring champions of a certain class such as against the cosmic fight in variant 3. It doesn't impact the boosts usefulness in a meaningful way most of the time but it is always good to bear in mind. You can only run 1 of each class at once so it can be useful to compose a team of 1 or 2 of the same class plus a few hard counters to other fights so the boosts has an effect on more than 1 member of your team. They cost 5,000 and 7,000 loyalty respectively (for a 150% and 200% power return respectively) which is particularly good value if you have very high special damage champion (sunspot,prof x,magneto,ghost to name but a few) so they are definitely worth picking up. However the value is largely subjective for example classes such as skill and science predominately use debuffs to deal damage and often have low special damage relying on power stings bleeds or burst damage whereas mutant with an abundance of prowess wielding champions often benefit a lot more from these. Also at a duration of 35 and 50 mins respectively they slot nicely around other basic boosts.

Finally special boosts the runt of the litter. Coming in 2 tiers granting +8% or +12% these I honestly think just need a numbers boost. (no pun intended) Priced a 5,000 and 7,000 loyalty respectively they are vastly overshadowed by the power boosts as well as just general attack and health boosts, whilst the duration of 45 and 75 minuets is nice 8% special damage is really not going to touch the sides when you can buy (for only a 1,000 more loyalty) a 10% attack boost that increases the damage of all your attacks and debuffs as supposed to just specials (admittedly at a third of the duration.) unless you are in a situation where your attack is already really boosted and you just want a bit extra to carry you over to the K.O such as flare or power shield I really can't recommend these boosts. I ran a poll on this and 20% are not even sure why they are in the game, 61% are ambivalent at best and 2 of the 5 people that said they always pick them up admitted in the comments that they mis-clicked which I feel like says it all.

In terms of generally acquiring boosts you largely have 2 options loyalty crystals and sscs. First loyalty crystals costing 1,000 loyalty and purchasable every 24 hours these are still decent value to just generally get boosts and a good way of getting good value boosts if not guaranteed specific tiers or types. With an 18% chance at a lesser boost and a 12% chance at a regular boost roughly 4/10 will yield some form of boost and 1 in 10 a regular boost they are (as long as your opening stay close to or above the expected drop rate) very good value compared to the 8,000 you pay for guaranteed value however the 24 hour caveat makes them annoying if not necessarily difficult to hoard. Then finally in my opinion the best way to get boosts in the game supreme solo crystals, at 10,000 solo shards a pop they certainly aren't cheap compared to the lower tier solo crystals but the value is much higher. If you are relatively active in the solo events (particularly the 22hour ones for the units and free revive) you can gather a significant stack relatively quickly. At a 38% chance for a lesser boost and 2% chance for a regular boost the odds are almost exactly the same that you will get some form of boost however without the 24 hour caveat these are much easier to hoard. However the split between regular and lesser is much more noticeable with you only opening 1 regular boost for every 19 lesser boosts you open. However I would still consider them better than loyalty crystals since the secondary prizes include high tier arena boosts and 4* awakening gems as a nice bonus. If you want to see some good data on what you can expect from these crystals I recommend proff hoff's YouTube channel. AS a final note ensure you only pop them at most a day or so before your legends/labyrinth/act 6 run since popping any volume over 30 or so of supreme solo crystals is liable to put a lot of boosts in your overflow

PS: TO those who read part 1 you will remember that I said this would be on both boosts and stash management but since this post is already very long and A.) I value both my sleep and my sanity (which I know is unusual in an mcoc player) and B.) I wanted to do the stash management topic proper justice and not just have it as a footnote on this already monster of a text guide.

Hope you learned something from my guide, comment if you have any questions or something I have missed, thankyou for reading and most importantly stay safe :smile:


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    Oh man... I gotta read this?🤧🥺
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    He likes boosts
    And I constantly forget about them
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    Too long to read fully.

    I always have my stock full. I really only use these items in overflow. Not hard to build your stash, as mentioned, a lot of boosts are avaliable every week. My advice is to only use boosts when you need it, otherwise building your stash gets harder. Most of my completion has been fine without boosts.
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