Is the game storage built for all available champs?

Since I am no longer able to sell my champs my roster is getting bigger and bigger, with that I'm experiencing more and more lag. It's getting to the point now where I can't block an attack and when I try a 5 hit combo the game freezes and then my champ goes for a heavy instead of my combo. I'm wondering if gathering more champs is making my game data bigger?


  • sudeep9680sudeep9680 Posts: 167
    if you get more champs also data doesn't get bigger, and the game is lagging means your mobile model is older or otherwise the game will crash because you played this games for 4 to 5 hours,
    check it out once more
  • RicitonRiciton Posts: 45
    Thanks guys. I thought the data already had the accommodation for the champs because you can view the ones that haven't been collected yet, I just wanted to confirm it.
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