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Last night I had Medusa as an option in a 5* Nexus and I chose Terrax instead. But I thought about what Medusa would need for me to pick her. I used to use her as a 4* all the time. I love her but she doesn’t quite meet the bar for a solid 2021 champ. Here are my ideas to bring her in line with more modern champs :
* Make Royal Family synergy benefits part of her base kit. She needs them to be decent but they aren’t worth the slots the take. Once added let the Inhuman synergy now give her increases buff and debuff potency.
* Make her bleed on armor shatter be a degen for #robot champions. People use her for robots but they’re bleed immune.
* Let her auto-block be on a cool down timer not consume her fury buffs.
* Give her a synergy with Prof X, Namor BP classic and King Groot , called Sovereign, that lets her apply a slow when armor shatter is in effect

I think these changes would make her viable while still balanced. I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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    I don’t think she needs a buff
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    How much did you drink last night?
  • MaxtheSilentMaxtheSilent Posts: 561 ★★★

    I don’t think she needs a buff

    She doesn’t need one but she is slipping in relevance. This would let her keep her slot as a top tier champ and I think nothing here is broken. But I respect your opinion she’s good as is.
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    You clearly don't play the game often
  • MaxtheSilentMaxtheSilent Posts: 561 ★★★

    You clearly don't play the game often

    Do a lot of people use her in endgame content? I’m seriously asking. I get the impression people don’t but I could be wrong.
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    You clearly don't play the game often

    Do a lot of people use her in endgame content? I’m seriously asking. I get the impression people don’t but I could be wrong.
    Not every champion needs to be usable in endgame content. And no, people don't use her for 2 reasons: There aren't a lot of robots (and if there are its very easy and quick to use different champions to take them out). Second, she is only available as a five star UNLESS you bought that one cav pack, she is very hard to have as a six star, let alone awaken her which she needs damage wise for endgame content.

    I still use her in aq for bots and everything, but not everybody needs to be buffed. Why not groot? I don't see people using groot in engame content. She is not a priority for a buff.
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    I don't think she needs to inflict degen on robots. Robots are already what she's best at fighting. She completely shuts them down with a Special 1. It's borderline OP as it is.

    I don't know if she necessarily needs a buff herself, but she would really benefit if Karnak and Black Bolt got some love so that you would actually want to bring them along. There's also no need for her to not have good synergies with the rest of the Inhumans. She has one of those standard meh ones with Quake and none whatsoever with Kamala Khan. That could change. It would obviously not hurt to bring Quake along, and KK already seems to be on Kabam's buff radar given her inclusion in the community vote recently.
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    Will be a long time until we see a R3 Medusa, but really only out shined since Mags was buffed. When she gets to the basic pool I bet we see some awesome R3 play.
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