Still unsure who to rank.

Between both duped 4*/40 ghost rider and guillotine to rank 5 or 5* Magik unduped to rank 3. Would appreciate some feedback on why one would be better than other. Looking more for someone to attack and work on 100% act 4 or start act 5.


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    I'd go ghost rider and never look back. Everybody loves Magik, and rightly so.. But gr's utility is thru the roof. At 5/50 he can handle almost any part of the game. And with you working on act 4 and going into 5, he'd be an immense help.
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    Armaganon00Armaganon00 Posts: 741 ★★
    Either magik or gullitone will get you past content. I have both at rank 5, and i have Ghost rider at rank 4. Ghost Rider can heal but to pull it off usually gets you hit. Gully ends fights fast and she heals when duped. Magik is power control, with out power you dont have to evade.
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    ReinaReina Posts: 280
    Ghost Rider is good but..... MAGIK ALL THE WAY!
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    TBKlannTBKlann Posts: 68
    I love Magik too but unduped she is not as good. I only consider her as she is my favorite 5* I have and only mystic 5*. I wasn't sure if guillotine would be that much greater at rank 5, she is amazing on attack at 4/40, and ghost rider can be tricky to use.
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    They're all really great champs. Just my opinion, but for the game areas you mentioned.. Rider is amazing. He carried me thru so much of the game after strange kicked the bucket. And even though I have a good number of quality 5*s, he is still constantly used on my account.

    There is a definite learning curve, but it's not as bad as it seems when reading his info. It's more like learning parry, once you got it.. You got it and it just becomes natural.

    If that were a duped Magik, I'd lean her way. But rider has more ability to be a workhorse for you at the moment imo.. Which means you'll have more ability to get more t4cc to rank her later.
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    If you need an AQ regeneration hero go GR if you dont need an aq hero i would go magik
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    Can you pull off landing GR's heavy attack against a 5* on hard difficulty without using Parry? And do so confident that you won't get pounded for trying? If yes then do GR.

    Chances are as for most, myself included, that's a big no. If that's the case just forget he even has Regen. You can get away with it in AQ in most situations using Parry. But the second you fight a stun immune or limber noded opponent then you're just asking for it.

    Gully however has a more reliable bleed and reverse healing. That's unique and extremely useful against just about every boss in the game across the board.

    I'd only not go Gully if you lack a strong power control champion, in that case go with Magik. Unduped she's still great. And 5* is becoming more and more of a big deal.
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