Our latest Hotfix is now live for both iOS and Android! Please manually update your game. Additionally, because of the bugs’ impact on energy refill consumption, we have provided summoners with Energy Refills and a few other items to assist in the Contest! Sign in and check your messages now to claim yours!

Time Attack Legends Program

Hello Summoners,

After reviewing player feedback and data that we collected during the first iteration of the Event Quest Legends, we have decided to make some changes for following eligible Monthly Quests.

Rather than it being a race at the release of the Event Quests that dictates player’s schedules - we’ll be implementing a new system to award the title to the Players with the fastest times to 100% complete Heroic and Master Difficulty called “Time Attack”. Your time will start when you begin the first quest of Heroic and end when you 100% complete Master Difficulty. Players will have two weeks to log their time, so you don’t have to do it the day it comes out.

Our next event quest (Titanomachy) will act as a short intermission and will not feature a Event Quest Legends opportunity, but we are looking to introduce this new system in an upcoming special event.

More details will be available closer to your next chance to become a legend - but these changes should allow more flexibility for players to take their shot at a Legends title.
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