[!TOW] Titans of War Looking for couple (AW T2/T3 Wars, P3, AQ Top 300 66667)

The Titans of War are looking for a few good players to join our ranks! We're a Platinum 3 ally and we run all 5 days of Map 6 and finish in the top 300. We're possibly looking to do some Map 7 now with the changes. We're also looking to push to P2 next season. We've got a good group of players that have been playing for a long time. Our alliance is really organized and extremely knowledgeable about the game. We work as a team and communication is one of the keys to our success.

We're looking for players that are active and self-motivated that can go out and kick some ass. We have no event minimums but we generally hit all milestones for alliance events. Our requirements are as follows:

-Adults only
-Be active every day (Speak to an officer if you need to be absent for any reason, we're reasonable people)
-At least one path in all Variants, Act 6 and LOL completed and a path in AOL completed is nice.
-Minimum prestige of 10.8k and a decent roster for war defense
-Line app for all communication
-US/Euro time zones preferred as we're mostly based in North America
-Not suck

If all of this sounds good to you, reach out to me on the Line app under my username of DarkGuarDN. You can also reach out to me in game.


  • DarkGuarDNDarkGuarDN Posts: 96
    we're still looking for two if anyone is interested please message me on line or in game
  • Ary_BeastAry_Beast Posts: 114
    Add me on LINE - Zenfighter360
    All content except abyss completed.
    Prestige 10k
    I have map 6/7 and plat 3 war experience as well.
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