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A Look Back at Weeks 1-3 of SOP

CosmicGuardianCosmicGuardian Posts: 319 ★★★
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Seeing as how we are now 3 weeks into the summer of pain event, approximately a third of the way, I think it’s only right to take a look back at how the event has gone so far. These first 3 weeks were more or less meant as a warm-up (at least I believe I read that somewhere, memory’s not the best) with next week seeing the introduction of special solo objectives for thronebreaker players. Overall, I feel this event has been challenging, with each fight feeling satisfying and rewarding to finish (at least for me anyways). Each fight has had various counters, so they haven’t felt as though you needed one specific champ in order to get through the fights. Now I’d like to talk about my experience with the fights so far and what I thought of them.

First, we had the Rogue with brawl and invade, which proved annoying for some people. This was probably my favourite of the fights so far. I used my R4 She Hulk, and while it took some practice, I eventually got a really good rhythm down, at least until the last 25% where I played like a scrub. I think the reason I found this one so enjoyable was that it really helped me develop my intercepting skills, as well as getting the used to the timing and spacing of She Hulk’s heavy.

Then came Sinister with EMP mod and polka dot power. This one was a bit more annoying. I had been trying with my 6* R1 Emma, however the best I managed was to get him down to 32%. Eventually I realized Sunspot was great and after many tries managed to get the win with him. It was still quite annoying because I found that I couldn’t always get the parry timing right and would accidentally dex (didn’t want to turn it off because I’m too lazy plus I just didn’t want to reset everything lol).

For me, the worst one so far was this week’s Mysterio. While many have said he is quite easier than the original acid wash Mysterio due to the node that allows your specials to inflict armour break, I honestly just hate fighting Mysterio in general lol. It took me quite a bit of practice with my R5 I-bom to get into the rhythm of the fight as I found the AI was very inconsistent from fight to fight, which is where most of the frustration came from. Eventually I got him down, albeit with a few revives, but it still felt satisfying nonetheless, even though he raised my blood pressure through the roof with all the cursing I did lol.

Looking back at theses three fights, I think that gives us a better gauge as to whether or not the rewards are worth the effort and possible resource usage. For me, while the fights have certainly been difficult and challenging, they weren’t impossible. As for revives, I’ve used about 7-8 (I’m not exactly the most skilled lol) so far with most of those being used on Mysterio, so I’m perfectly fine with that number so far. I think that in terms of the difficulty and the amount of revives I’ve had to use so far, the rewards are more than worth it, and I hope to be able to push to the max milestone for us Cav players (can’t remember off hand, memory again).

Personally, I’m super glad they gave us this event and look forward to what fights we might see over the remainder of the event. What does everyone else think of the event as a whole so far? I’d love to see how other players view this event as a whole so far and the fights we’ve seen.

P.S. - I didn’t realize how long this was so if you made it this far thanks for reading lolol


  • The_beast123The_beast123 Posts: 2,029 ★★★★
    Rogue- " Boy you can't intercept, get lost. You don't have Shulk? Haha, die then, no rewards for you" Waaaaa....
    Sinister- " I got EMP, and high damage, what do ya dooo?" I turn dex off and pick Guardian. Booooo....
    Mysterio- Not yet fought, but I'm sure it's gonna be rough, just coz he's mysterio, and it's just me who lacks skillz.
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