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Your Summer of Pain is not over

CorkscrewCorkscrew Posts: 466 ★★★
So you got to Mysterio and you don't have a reasonable counter. You're either have to use a stack of resources or miss this fight. Either way, Kabam have ruined your summer of pain and roadblocked you.... wait what?!

There are still 6 fights to go... with realistically more than one, and possibly many of those is going to be equally if not more difficult.

If you are Cavalier and had no chance of getting to ThroneBreaker by week 4, you were never going to get the highest tier of milestone rewards, so pointing to this fight as the fight that prevents you from getting there is moot.

And everyone else... the multiple tiers of peak milestones exist for a reason. This was never an all or nothing. You do as many fights as you can, if it turns out you can't get the top tier of the milestones, you can still get rewards. You don't get nothing for your trouble so far.

As yet, there hasn't been a fight that you can't theoretically unit man through. Sure, it's a less than ideal approach, but it's an option. wait for the uproar when there is a Champion-like fight or something with life-cycle.

Players need to learn to realize that there are achievements in this game that aren't for everyone, it is simply beyond them in terms of skill and roster. It might not forever be beyond them, but at this point in time it is.

Players seem to be able to accept that not everyone can get a Legend's or Mythic title, this is no different. Just because theoretically you could get the top tier rewards doesn't mean you are capable of it.
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