Missing Rift Rewards

The same thing happened twice, i only received the event special shards but not the rewards that i have landed on, in the Languarian Rifts.


  • MD_MoizMD_Moiz Posts: 39
    What to do? Will i get the rewards that i didn't received as the compensation?
  • LpooLpoo Posts: 1,926 ★★★★★
    Check your stash, should be there.
  • MD_MoizMD_Moiz Posts: 39
    Lpoo said:

    Check your stash, should be there.

    U sure?
  • If it was Sig Stones (I believe, or maybe crystal shards ?), plenty of other posts about not seeing it in summary rewards screen. But that you did actually get them if you checked the amounts before and after.

    Other items you don’t immediately get, and so show up in the summary screen.
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