The Summer of Pain Adds a New Level of Hurt!

Hello there Summoners,

Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine, the longer days, and of course the PAIN. We mentioned before that objectives for additional points would begin appearing for Thronebreaker players with Week 4, so we wanted to give you a taste of the objectives that you expect soon.

These objectives will put certain requirements on which Champions you can use in the Fight, and each one you complete will give you another point in the Summoner of Pain Solo Event.

Don't worry, these objectives won't be as specific as Carina's Challenge, where you must use a specific Champion, but don't expect to be able to Ghost or Quake your way through most of the fights either! Along with more general class requirements, you can expect to see tags such as:
  • Symbiotes
  • Spider-Verse Heroes
  • Robots
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • XL Villains
The first set of Objectives will accompany the next Summoner Of Pain quest, starting Wednesday, July 7th at 10 am PT!
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